Fall 1995

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Elkton MD USA

Date: aprox fall of 95 10:00 pm and again aprox two years later same location same flight path

Approach Direction: Flying north east aproaching from the s outhwest.

Departure Direction: Strait line high speed

Witness Direction: East

Description: Walked outside to back patio, was a full moon ,happened to look up just at the time object flew by . Object was passing throuh clouds ,icould se it perfectly by the reflected moonlight. Looked like a black or charcoal grey arrow head. Very , very fast no sound at all, no lights. If I had not been looking up at that exact moment I would not have seen it. I have seen this thing twice. Only told my wife about it till now.

Color/Shape: Charcoal grey or black shaped like an arrowhead without the notches in the rear.not a very sharp nose .

Height & Speed: Flying through clouds I dont know altitude maybe 15k supersonic it was here and gone in maybe 5or 6 seconds no sound at all. Also no lights.


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