Winter 1995 - 1996

Here's a report in the public domain for the first time: During the winter of 1995 - 96, while on a cross country bicycle trip, I observed a 'craft' that were of a type previously unknown to me. I had set up camp near an abandoned adobe house that was located near the U.S./Mexico border in the state of Arizona. As was my custom, while on this particular trip, I camped out most nights and would seek and or create a campsite that was somewhat difficult to see from any roads or highways, because this trip was a solo bicycle ride.

After having my evening meal, I was enjoying the pleasure of watching the sunset. A black Chevy blazer with black tinted windows, one occupant and U.S. government lic. plates drove down an adjacent unpaved road and approached a locked gate. The driver got out, unlocked the gate, passed through and relocked it. He began what I'd refer to as a 'recon' of the general area, using some sort of optical devise (I saw this through 8x35 Nikon binocs). He continued this behavior, driving outside of my visual range, until the Blazer returned to the gate and passed through again.

I thought that perhaps he was searching for illegals crossing the border. Later on that night, while I was doing some star gazing, I saw an amber colored light moving low in the desert sky, within a few moments, it seemed to become larger or move towards my location, nether of which I was sure of at that time. I checked my watch for the time and when I looked up again, the amber light moved slightly to the east, at which that time I felt sure the light was moving towards me. This light began to have some definition, as it drew closer, it appeared to be rectangular, and although it seemed to grow brighter, it was not illuminating the desert floor (from my ground-level perspective). I began to feel alarmed as it came closer to me, as it seemed to be very, very large.

When it got close to approx. 120 yards of my location, I took out my 'AA' cell flashlight, focused the beam as tightly as I could, and aimed it towards the "craft" while sending a Morse code message. This seemed kind of silly, but this is what I did. The rectangle amber light 'turned off' right after I did this. In a few seconds, perhaps as many as 45, my night vision began to return, and I was astounded to see starlight being blocked out in a large area of the sky adjacent to the place where I'd last seen the intense amber light.

It was clear to me that I was seeing something very large, moving slowly at an altitude of less than 500 feet. I had heard sounds that were similar to the noise of cellophane being crushed, while the amber light was on and very close to me, although this sound ceased when the light extinguished. I watched the 'dark spot' in the sky until I could no longer see it. I felt some adrenaline still coursing through me, after the experience, and decided to stay out watching the sky, since I was sure that I couldn't sleep then. In about 40 minutes or so, I again saw the amber light in the distance, to the south and east of camp. This light, however, was more distant and was of the same color, yet it was coming from the top and bottom of what was clearly an airborne craft of some sort. The amber light was seen by me to resemble long, thin 'cones' of beams' (like a flashlight beam) issuing from the center top and bottom of the craft. I could see 4 or 5 fighter jets circling in helix-type orbits around one object.

A moment later, another object 'turned on' it's amber lights nearby (within approx 1 mile) the object that I was observing. It too was being circled by fighter aircraft. I watched this going on for 15 minutes, then the objects began to appear in different area of the sky (by 'appear' I mean they would 'turn on' the amber beams) momentarily and then 'shut off' the amber lights, only to appear somewhere else in the sky. There was one instance where one of the objects lights appeared to 'shutter' for a moment, light fully, and 'shutter again. The size of these objects (I saw 3 at the same time only once, 2 at the same time over 5 times) dwarfed the fighter aircraft around them. At one point, I observed what I'd best describe as a 'plume', similar to a small rocket plum, issue from the center axis of the outside curve of the object, and although I really don't know what it was, it seemed to be a rocket being fired from the object.

The trajectory of this 'plume' was perpendicular to the horizon, and after moving not much more than 100 yards, turned 90 degrees downward and it's light ceased. I am most curious to inquire if anyone else observed these things, or has seen similar objects in the same area. This was not the first time that I've been in close proximity to unknown aircraft, but the others I've seen were not of the same type as these described here, and I have a general feeling that the objects I describe in this post may be of military design or origin. I have left out some details of the general shape and size of this 'craft' so that I may be able to discuss them with someone else who also saw the same events as I.

Thanks To Dan For His Report.


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