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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1996 : George, Washington

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Hey, Back in 1996, the Van Halen, Monster Magnet Concert in the camping parking lot after the concert, early morning, I pointed out overhead to 3 friends, what the hell is that? Approx 100-200 yards overhead, slowly moving was a probe of somekind that was lit by a light I have never seen before. It was silent, with almost an energy surrounding it. As it got a half mile away, it shot fast nearly out of site at the same height. It then went back and forth each direction at least 1/2 mile each way side to side, then shot away at high speeds, never to be seen again.

This really looked like a big beach ball. It was not a ship with someone in it but a probe. My friends did not handle the sighting very well one was in denial the others would not speak of it. I however on Monday called up KISW100 the rock station in Seattle and told them about it and asked if anyone else saw it. Well they made fun of the story and dismissed it. I know what we all saw. I believed it is is a government probe being tested or something.