April 10th 1996


April 10, 1996, 9:31 PM

"During the six PM newscast of WJW TV 8 in Cleveland (Ohio) meteorologist Dick Goddard mentioned that the MIR Russian space station would be visible tonight (April 10, 1996) beginning at 9:29 PM until 9:35 PM. It would traveling from SW to NE.

Richard Myers of Newcomerstown showed up at my door at about 9:05 PM. I kept an eye on the clock and asked him at about 9:30 if he wanted to go outside and watch the MIR go overhead. He said sure. After about 30 seconds of searching for it we spotted it. This would have been at about 9:31 PM and 30 seconds. After watching the MIR for about 90 seconds, an amazing sight got my attention. At a much lower altitude I spotted a triangle shaped object zipping through the sky. I assumed it was triangular shaped because there was colored light at each of the three corners. The one in front was a bluish green color and the back two corners were red colored. The three corner lights were NOT dots, but triangle shaped !

There was a high thin cloud deck of which I estimated to be at 20,000 feet. This object was likely in the thin cloud deck. It was moving at an extremely high rate of speed. It was straight at first, them moved on a zig - zag pattern. The total viewing time would have been about five seconds. It sent chills up and down my spine when I thought of it, for up to 30 minutes after the sighting. I know of no earthly object that could have flown like this thing did. The only thing that I can think of that would rival the speed would be a fighter jet, at full throttle. The object was moving on a general flight pattern of west to east.

The object made NO noise at all. I wrote the original report at 10:15 PM the SAME night of the sighting.

Many Thanks To Don Keating For Sending Me His Two Reports


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