June 30th 1996

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Sighting Report June 30, 1996. Place Pittsburgh. Pa. USA time about 8.15 pm. I've been waiting all my life for something other than an unidentified light in the sky, and I think my wait is over. On Sunday, June 30 at about 8.15 pm (wasn't yet twilight) I was laying on my back in the yard recovering from doing yard work. Almost directly overhead, at a distance I was unable to determine was a bright silvery "bar" seeming to move across the sky at about the speed of an airliner, although it was ascending and after about a minute of getting smaller and smaller it disappeared. When I initially sighted the object, it appeared to be about one inch long and about a third of an inch wide. It was completely rectangular, and as I said, a bright silver. There were no wings visible, nor did I see any running lights. I live three miles from downtown Pittsburgh, PA, USA. It is definitely an urban area.



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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/960630a.shtml