July 1996

Saline, MI

Date: July, 1996
Time: Evening

Hello Brian.

I had witnessed a similar object near Saline, MI (outside of Ann Arbor, MI) in July of '96.

My object first appeared as a bright white light under the cloud cover on a July evening. The light quickly descended and as it did, the light dimmed to reveal two milky white, internally lit globes which were connected by a slender bar. The object was laid out in a horizontal fashion. The connecting bar's length was about that of the diameter of one of the globes.

Two bright whitish-blue blinking lights were located on the bar and were evenly spaced. They blinked in unison during the entire sighting. The object continued to come downward and as it did, it began to revolve counter-clockwise. The object ended up being only about 500 or so feet above. Cars and trucks whizzed by me as I stood outside of my vehicle, pointing into the sky at the object yet none seemed to see this lit up monstrosity rotating silently above the highway. Incidentally, the object was close to grapefruit or softball size at arm's length when I measured it.

There was no interference on the AM radio, which was tuned in at the time to WJR 760 AM (Detroit, MI).

The object, still rotating, suddenly lurched upward and rotated off into the sky until it became a bright light again and disappeared into the clouds to the southeast.

I just wanted to share that experience in hopes that it could help out somehow.

I would like to thank the person for sending in this interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/960700.shtml