October 16th 1996


August 1964


November 1976

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Orlando/Florida/USA

Date: 10/16/96 7:00 PM Local time

Approach Direction: North

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: West

Description: Triangle shaped with 6 round almost invisible light coming from underneath craft. It was moving slowly south and made no noise at all. Could of been 6 crafts in tight triangle formation I couldn't tell. Each round looked like they where the size of a dime if I where to hold it up in front of me. It or they looked to be 1000' high in sky.

Color/Shape: The lights are hard to describe, almost like looking at round black liquid mirror's with little color of green and red which seemed to be moving within the circles. The pattern of color in each round where in unicen with each other. Very weird and hard to exclaim.

Height & Speed: Height looked to be 1000' up and Movement was steady and slow, maybe 100 mph.

TV/Radio/Press: I did not hear anything about this on Tv or radio, but this thing did fly over Herdon AFB. Orlando Fla.

Follow-up Information from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian

I was excited to get a responce back so quickly from you. I did a little research on you and your name, Seems to me that you are who you say you are, your name is easy to find in the search engines.

I was in my yard when I saw it... If i where like standing at 6:00 it was like at 11:00 almost straight above at west being 11:00.

Mostly clear blue sky with hardly any clouds, It wasn't dark yet but was getting there.

I watched it for maybe 25 to 30 seconds.

I was really trying to figure out those lights, It was like looking at the bottom of 6 peatre dishs filled with oil and water mixed, you know how you see rainbow colors when looking at water that has oil into. I thought at first while looking at it that it might of just been picking up lights from below and reflecting on them but as I stared at them I realized that the colors and movement was the same in all six, like exactly the same. That is what made me think that It was maybe just one craft but I didn't see a body around the objects. And it looked so perfect in spacing between them as it moved, It was confusing for me to say that it might of been 6 and not just 1. And If I hadn't of been looking right at it I don't think I would of even seen it. I figured that maybe that was the reason I was not seeing anything bright, like it was trying to camaflouge itself from being seen...But it seems to me that the Airport should of been able to see it. It flew right over there tower..Airport is like right across HWY 50 from where I live. But this was not a plane believe me. The airport Orlando Executive Airport..formerly called Patrick AFB I think.. My original report I said it was Herndon..I was wrong.

I have witnessed 3 sightings in my lifetime but I can only remember the years and the discription of them and they where all different in color, movement but I never heard a sound from any of them. I haven't reported them because I don't have exact date on them just year...One when I was 7 in 1964 Penn. and the other one was when I was stationed in Rota Spain in the Navy 1976 at 19.

August 1964 : Farmers Valley, Pennsylvania

The one I saw in Farmers Valley Pa. around Aug. because I remember the leaves falling. My parents came out of the house and watched it, I was 1000' from them at the time..I never did figure out why they came out at the same time to see it, they also didn't want to talk about it with me till I told them that I seen another UFO in Spain. I had finially got them to admit that what we saw in Penn. was a UFO, I guess they thought it would of corrupted me being so young, Plus they where young in there early 20's and might of been scared themselves. Anyways that one was a very huge round saucer that was reddish orange..no sound..Maybe 1000' overhead very low to ground. Flying from West to East..I was looking up towards house West as it Flew East right over my head...Seen that one for maybe 30 seconds, it was moving slow, maybe 75 MPH. It was huge..I never heard anything about that one, but I am shure that if it was in the paper my family would of hide it from me.

November 1976 : Rota, Spain

The one I saw in Spain was quite different. It is funny, at that time in my life I was really searching for answers and I was only communication with the most intellegent people I could find. I thought I had all the answers to life from start to finish. My roommate had his master's degree and was totally a non believer in my UFO's. I talked with him about what I had seen and shared my beliefs with him, He thought I was crazy but I told him that one day he would see one and that he would think of me when he did.. Well he and I where going to the airport on base to get something to eat and I spotted a UFO and pulled my car off the road and watched it as it went overhead...I asked him if it was a weather ballon..NO...was it a helicopter...NO...was it a jet...NO..There was no mistaken it for anything other than a UFO.... Approx in Nov. 10:00 PM. 1976

It was moving from the south like from Africa to the north. Very high in the sky, like miles up..Clear night sky no clouds. I didn't hear any sound from it. And it was moving north as fast as a jet but in a Z pattern the whole way. It would go from East to West the whole time we watched till it was out of range. Mostly flat lands and I would say that it was moving 40 miles from East to West in seconds making this Z pattern about 20 times and moving North at the speed of a jet or faster... I am saying that if it had of been moving in a straight line I am not shure that we would of even seen it because it was moving so fast..We saw it for about 1 min. maybe little longer.. When it was at the East and West it never slowed down to change direction it was very sharp like movement, always moving towards the North. Seen no flashing lights just a bright single craft.

I know this is more than YOU asked for but I wanted to since I couldn't put it all in the site because I am not positive about exact dates..Hope you enjoy this..It is truly as I seen them. As much as I have read about the occupants of these crafts I am not shure I would want to meet them. And I hope your not one just trying to trick me out of what I know..I don't know anything..other than what I have seen. Thanks for your interest.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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