Sunnyvale, CA

Date: 1997
Time: n/a

I want to report a sighting which happened in Sunnyvale, not even 1/2 mile from where we were last night, at a different field. This object crossed about 2/3 the length of the sky before I lost sight of it. Id say the whole thing took about 30 seconds. It was close. Again, I was walking my dog, off leash, this time about dusk. I first mistook it for a balloon and afterwards actually looked across the street to see if there were maybe kids playing but there was no-one. I was on one side of the field, up against the chain link fence, so my vantage point was an ability to see the whole field and open sky. This thing appeared to be floating about the same pace as the wind. The direction was similar as the flight path for Moffett Field which comes in from the ocean (somewhere near Santa Cruz) in a northern direction. All the military planes come in this way. This was not the exact path as the jets come in about 1 mile NW (I know because they are terribly loud and Im glad to be living a little SE of it). Anyway, it seemed to keep pace with the wind. It was round with square pegs at the bottom (Id have to go back to an old journal to see my description, as its been a while). It was metallic black. The oddest thing was that it turned while it crossed the sky. It originally had the appearance like a plate (flat facing me). As it turned, it became so thin I could barely see its depth...like a straight line. Its like it turned so that the wind would hit its face on and propel it further (I dont know, really why it turned). After 5 seconds, or so, it turned back again to the flat position. I was able to keep my eyes on it till it appeared to reach the end of the field (and most of my view of the sky). I looked down to see where my dog was, maybe 2-3 seconds. When I looked back up, it was gone. I looked around the field to see if anyone else had seen what I just did saw a few people on the other end but they were riding bikes I didnt ask them. I went home and wrote it all down (in a journal somewhere) and told my family.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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