July 1997

Spokane Washington


With regards to the ufo investigations, I live in Spokane Wa. in July of 1997 while sitting on my back porch in the middle of the afternoon on a day where the sky was partially filled with patches of clouds which appeared to be at two levels meaning that an upper and lower cloud level could be seen as the upper cloud layer was moving in a direction opposite of the lower cloud layer.

While I sat, I looked up at the clouds and observed something that struck me as very strange. There, moving slowly through the upper cloud layer I observed what appeared to be a gun-metal blue, highly polished sphere shaped object that may have been 5,000 ft high. The thing that struck me funny was the fact that this Sphere moved through the clouds in the opposite direction of the clouds movement! It continued traveling in an easterly direction until it was no longer visible due to the clouds cover.

I supposed at the time that it may have been a weather baloon, however, I have never really accepted that explaination as the object appeared to have been moving under its own power instead of drifting along with the clouds that it was unmistakably amidst! My question to you is ,"Have there been reports of similar sightings"?



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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/970700.shtml