Here's a brief summary of the sighting I had.

Date: September 28, 1997

Time: Approx: 10:30 PM EST

Location: Grafton, MA (45 Miles west of Boston, MA.)

Direction: Traveling from NNW to SSE

Shape: Triangular

Size: The size of a US Nickel held at arms length.

Sound: None - Silent.

Markings: Three white glowing lights in a triangular pattern.

The evening of the sighting I was on the air with the ARUFON net (the Amateur Radio UFO Net on 3.9777 Mhz.) I had taken a quick break from the net to assist my friend Cheryl loading items into her car, and spotted the object while standing in my driveway. At first it appeared to be a small orange globe while approaching from the NNW (I didn't mention it to Cheryl at this point so she never saw the object as an orange glowing sphere).

However, as the object passed overhead, it appeared as a triangular shape as outlined by three glowing lights one at each corner of the triangle. I actually could not see the outline of any craft, just the three glowing lights in the triangular formation. Looking through 7x50 Bushnell binoculars, the object appeared to fill the field of view, however all I could see was the three glowing white lights at each point in the triangle.

Although I have no way of knowing for sure, my instinctive 'gut feel' told me it was one object with three lights and not three objects with one light each. As much as it filled the lens of the binoculars, I could not see any form of navigation lights, no colored lights, no strobe lights, nothing but the three glowing white lights. I observed the object until it became too small to be seen. During this time I passed the binoculars to Cheryl and after much difficulty in locating the object through them, she was able to view it for a short time as well. She basically described the same thing I saw with the exception of the initial orange glowing globe.

I went back to the ARUFON net rather excited and described over the air what we had observed. I tried telephoning the local Airport (Worcester Airport) however I just got voicemail and answering machines. I then called Logan Airport in Boston and got no where (they told me I could not talk to the tower directly) so I asked the person I spoke with if they had observed anything unusual on radar. The young lady said no, perhaps I saw a blimp. At this point I knew I was getting no where so I just hung up.
The following day I called the Worcester Airport and spoke to one of guys in the control tower. He explained that the Airport closes at 9 PM every night, and even if it was open, they have no radar! He also said Boston would not be able to track it this far out and neither would another smaller airport (Bradley.) Quite frankly I felt a little let down and helpless. I thought to myself perhaps this is what the guys in WWII felt as they tried to explain they had just seen several hundred Japanese fighter planes headed for Pearl Harbor, but no one believed them!


My basic feeling on this sighting is I really have no idea what we observed. However I will say that the following evening I watched "WINGS" on the Discovery Channel on TV and it was focused on the Stealth or Black planes of the US Air Force. They showed many video views of the F117 Stealth fighter. One of the views looking up at the bottom of the 117 looked surprisingly familiar and after seeing views of it in the Gulf War over Baghdad at night, it looked even more familiar!

It is still difficult for me to understand what an American fighter would be doing over American air space in a 'stealth' or combat mode especially while flying over known populated civilian areas. However the US government/Armed Forces has done many worse things in the past so I suppose anything is possible.

A few days later one of ARUFON members forwarded email from one of the Internet UFO newsletters (see below) and there was a short article about a triangular craft observed near Providence, RI a couple of days earlier. Providence, RI is only about 50 miles from where I live, so perhaps other saw what Cheryl and I saw.




After experiencing the extremely unresponsive and poor behavior of the so call 'officials' in this case I would recommend a more efficient and streamlined approach to UFO reporting. Perhaps I would have been better off calling one of the UFO telephone "hotlines". I would also suggest the ARUFON group have an 'online' reporting questionnaire on their World Wide Web site. In my opinion, the issue needs to be addressed/discussed on the air by the ARUFON net to work out a set or uniform procedure for reporting sightings so that everyone understands it clearly and knows exactly what to do in such an event.


Rich - W1RV


(The following report is taken from UFO Roundup, Vol.2 No.38) RI Sighting:


On Friday, September 26, 1997, at 1:40 a.m., six cars driving on Rhode Island Route 10 in the Olneyville section of Providence, Rhode Island (population 200,000) spotted a large triangular UFO flying slowly to the east.

The six cars stopped on an overpass, and the occupants got out for a better look. They had the UFO in view "for approximately ten minutes. The object had three very bright lights, arranged in a triangular pattern, together with five smaller, dimmer lights arranged in a straight line on the ventral side of the object. The object appeared to slowly rotate during the ten minutes or so, at which time it began to rise vertically and then accelerated very rapidly until it disappeared in the night sky."

One of the witnesses telephoned the National UFO Center in Seattle, Washington and described the object seen. (Many thanks to Peter Davenport for this news story.)

(Editor's Note: Check out the black helicopter story further on in this issue.)

My thanks to Bill -WB9NLI- from ARUFON (http://www.arufon.org/) for forwarding this report.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/970928.shtml