December 21st 1997

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia USA

Date: Dec. 21 1997 at 5:15 AM

Approach Direction: Southeast

Departure Direction: Stationary objects

Witness Direction: Southeast

Description: This is to confirm another sighting in your database if it is of any use to you. At 5:15 or so on 12/21/97, my car ran out of gas and I was continuing on to work on foot walking southeast. I noticed about 5 very bright stars in a straight diagonal line. I began watching them and suddenly realized they weren't supposed to be there. They then gradually faded away over the course of perhaps 5 seconds. I reported this on a local radio call in show and was contacted by another witness who saw the same thing at the same time. I forget his name or exact location; however he was in another town some distance away. Triangulating his position and the location he reported seeing the lights with mine we estimated that the lights would have been approximately over Fishersville, Virginia. This is significant in that Fishersville historically has many UFO sightings the most significant of which was the Horace Burns sighting in 1964, an incident in which I had taken much personal interest. The sighting in 1964 was within 20 minutes of the winter solstice as was my sighting in 1997. At the time I researched a number of possible explanations, including St. Elmo's fire, but wasn't satisfied. The Ellen Mycroft sighting reported in your UFO roundup was somewhat coincidentally brought to my attention recently. I do not know Ellen Mycroft and she is not listed in the phone directory. However, I see that she also made the connection with the Horace Burns incident and Fishersville. At the time I reported the event to a reporting site which I believe was Nuforc. I believe the report in their files reporting this incident is my report.

Color/Shape: The objects looked exactly like very bright white stars; as bright as Venus.

Height & Speed: I cannot estimate height.


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