October 1997

Name: K. W.

Location: Van Wert, Ohio, USA

Date: October 1997

Approach Direction: Approached from the west, then split in two and one light went east and the other south east

Departure Direction: East and South east

Witness Direction: west

Description: I was out in a treehouse with a girl about 4 years younger and we were just playing when a bright object caught our eye in the west. It was hard to see at first because the sun was setting at the same time. We assumed it was just a star, until we noticed it was getting bigger in size. We watched it for about 5 minutes as it approached, and it was no more than about 150 ft in the air. It was a very bright ball of light. I couldn't tell how large it was, maybe the size of an airplane. The girl i was with became very afraid and ran inside quickly while i stayed and watched. Right when it was about to the tree house it Split into two parts, both bright lights like before.....just now there were two of them. One went east and the other one went south east.

Color/Shape: Bright white ball of light, almost exactly like a star.....but it wasn't a star...trust me

Height & Speed: 150 feet in air going about 5 miles an hour the whole time


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/97oct.shtml