February 1988

Callicoon, NY

Date: February 1998
Time: Evening

During the second week in February 1998, myself and three friends (1 guy, 2 girls + myself) went to Villa Roma Ski Resort in Callicoon, NY. Surrounded by hills and woods. On the third night there we all got in a big argument and one of my friends (female) stormed out of the room to blow off some steam. She was gone a little while and we started to get nervous, so I went to go look for her. It was a very clear, very cold night. I remember thinking to myself "Wow! I never knew there were this many stars in the sky. I looked around the area for 15-20 min. Then started to head back to our condo. Right before I got to the front of the condo I thought I saw a helicopter or something fly off to the left of me. The strange thing was, I didn't hear a thing! I walked around to the left of the condo, looked up. In the air was a craft of some kind. It looked oval in shape. Glowing in kind of a whitish, bluish haze. Flying in what I believe was a northerly direction. Moving very very fast.

Then it almost seemed to notice that that I was watching and made a u-turn right back at me. (now moving south) Moving slower now. Kind of bouncing around in the air. Fluttering! Like when you throw a Frisbee. It was almost surreal. Then it stopped. Directly in front of me. Out at about a 45 degrees. Not directly over me. I was so scared I just stood there with my mouth open. Frozen with fear. Just staring up in the sky for what I think was at least 15 min. But to this day I am still not sure how long I was out there. Then it just swung from a stand still to taking off into space. (it went from a stopped position, then South, then swung west into space, then out of view). I had to adjust my eyes over and over again to make myself believe what I was seeing.

By the time it moved away from me it looked like a star shooting across the sky. If I hadn't seen what happened prior to it jetting off into space I would've just assumed it was a star. But I know it wasn't.

I went straight back to the condo and told everyone. All my girlfriend cared about was "what the hell took so long". I didn't think they believed me at all so I stopped talking about it. I feel I did the wrong thing by not coming forward when this happened. All three people can testify as to my state when I reentered the condo. I believe that one of those people (the woman who I was looking for) may have witnessed the event also, but to this day I have not asked her. She seemed unresponsive when I described what I saw. I will swear to this and submit to Polygraph. There is much more I would like to discuss. Possibly three other sightings. And witnesses other than myself to two of them.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/980200.shtml