July 1998

Fort Stockton, Texas, USA

Date: 07/??/98

Approach Direction: No movement

Departure Direction: Ceased to be

Witness Direction: North

Description: I'm not "one of those". We didn't see some little piece of shiny crap floating in the sky. I don't really believe in UFO's. But I can't get it out of my head. It CANNOT be explained away by any stretch of the imagination. There is NO explanation for what it was.

OK, a co-worker and myself were coming back from work at a gas plant about forty miles out of town. It was evening tour(3pm-11pm), therefore it must have been about 11:45pm or midnite. Stockton is a relatively small town(7700) so things are pretty quiet at midnite during the week. We had just pulled into town. Our windows were down because the night air was cool and summer's here are quite hot. The sky was clear and there was no wind.

Between the library and the bank is a clear view of the sky. Something caught my eye. At the exact time I turned to the right(I was the passenger) I felt Jack hit the brakes.

S**t, OK here goes.

Off to my right was a gigantic black oval,(about the size of a blimp about to land). The night sky was clear and starry, and dark blue, so I could easily see that this thing was BLACK. I detected no depth to it, so I can't give any third demention. It was loosly covered with perfectly round lights that were in no dicernable order. After a second, I whispered to Jack, "can you see this?" All I got out of Jack was an almost silent "yes".

It did not blink, pulsate, fly away, or spit out an alien. It just was. I stared at it for what must have been 20 seconds before I turned to look at Jack, but then turned back immediatly; only to see an empty, starry, clear sky. Now this thing was HUGE. Returning to Jack, I ask "what was that??"

"I don't know"

"where'd it go?"

"It's gone"

"I see that, but where'd it go? which way did it go"

"I don't know"

" weren't you watching it?"

"Yes, never took my eyes off it"

"Then you saw where it went!"

(about this time I noticed that I was crying, or at least my eyes were)

"I was looking at it, but I don't know where it went"

"how'd you not see where it went, dammit!!"

"You don't understand, it was just there, then it wasn't. It just left without moving."

No sound, no movement, nothing.

We rode the rest of the way home in silence. We've spoken of it very little since then. I don't believe that the military has the wherewithall to travel "dimensionally" just yet.

Color/Shape: Black. Seemed to be flat, seemed to have no third dimension. Oval, and freaking huge...however if it had been there before we got between the bank and the library, we would have seen it from far off.


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