July 5th 1998

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: derek

Location: iowa city, iowa

Date: 07/05/98

Description: looked up walking home and saw multiple lights moving, not blinking, getting brighter and brighter. some strayed off, some stayed in a non-regular form. then remaining lights kept moving getting dimmer and dimmer as if going higher into atmosphere and disappeared. few minutes later multiple lights appeared dim and got brighter and brigher. some stayed in a form some flied off. then same thing happened--got dimmer and dimmer; happened many times. only reasoning i came up w/ was that they got higher and higher and went out of our atmosphere so you couldn't see them. no eratic movements such as 90 degree turns but some were pretty fast, but as far as single light craft moving in and out of the visible atmosphere seemed very odd. another was on top of van allen hall in iowa city, while in an astronomy class project saw a 3 lighted triangular figure move from the east the the north, taking a circular route(east to south to west to north) take around 7 seconds to do so, w/ no sound and disapear into the north.

Color/Shape: first account w/ multile lights, only shape was a single light for each, not bllinking. second account, no blinking lights but did look triangular. all were white in color, no change.

Height & Speed: first account w/ multiple lights seemed to be at least at height of commercial jets but hard to judge. time at which got dimmer and got brighter was within 1 or 2 seconds. time that 3-lighted account went from east to north in the circular route was around 5-7 seconds


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