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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 11th 1998 : Azle, Texas

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Azle, Texas

Date: July 11th 1998

Hi John: I sent you a message from my cell phone this afternoon and it cut the message off. I saw on a Google search of Azle that your site lists a sighting in Azle on July 11, 1998. I can't attest to anything above the ground that night, although I was outside around the time of the sighting. I donít recall seeing anything that night.

I can however attest to the events your reader described with the road blockage. I was in command of a fatality accident that night on Highway 199. A vehicle left the roadway and crashed into Ash Creek below grade. This caused the road blockage. We were there for several hours with the ensuing extrication involved.

I wanted to let you know so there was no misinformation delivered to your readers.

Thank you.


UFOINFO thanks the witness for taking time to let us know what happend. You can read the original report in UFO Roundup, Volume 3, Number 29