Marengo, Illinois

September 14th 1998

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Marengo, Il USA@ West Coral Rd. & Maple Rd.

Date: not exact...but very close to sept 14, 1998 around 8pm to 9pm cst.

Approach Direction: east to west

Departure Direction: we stopped the truck to look at it, we then sped off north on Maple Rd. back to town. We were scared of the unknown.

Witness Direction: north on Maple Rd.

Description: we were going back to our place in town from the family farm on W. Coral Rd. Something got my attention out the truck window. I looked up to the sky & saw a very big black triangle object. I told my husband Manny to stop a second to see it. I said "What is it?" He said "I don't know." I looked at the clock and saw that the time was still the same. So I figured we were okay. And isn't the way it goes... you see something like this and don't have a camara along to get a photo of the darned thing!

Color/Shape: black triangle shape with back end softly curved like a boomerang is...with lights around this curve. Didn't make any noise at all. I opened the truck window to listen and there were just regular out in the country night sounds.

Height & Speed: I'd say about 1 floor above the tree tops. Going very slow. I mean VERY SLOW.

TV/Radio/Press: we kept it to ourselves because we didn't want folks around there to think we were 'goofy'., Sowe kept quiet, I only told my mother. Manny thinks maybe it was a military thing. I thought perhaps there was something to do with there being an "air show" @ Rockford airport that weekend.


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