September 21st 1998

Sedonia, Arizona

September 21, 1998, 7:25 PM

Last night all three of us witnessed something we've never seen before. It was a large object lit up with white and blue lights over the skies of Sedona. We couldn't tell if it was being escorted or pulled, but, it had accompanied aircraft. When looking back at it from the back, it had large wings and possibly an engine of some kind. The head on look through binoculars looked like a craft with a lot of dome shaped windows - it so lit up I thought it might be an advertising blimp. It had a long arm sticking out of one side and several extensions that remained me of the craft on Close Encounters. Did anyone else see this or was it some military project ? We watched for anything on the news, nothing. Any idea as to what this was.

Witnessed by Susan and Richard and Sharon from our deck. It came at us from the NW and then headed East

Susan Shoemaker


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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/980921.shtml