December 13th 1998

Corpus Christi, Texas

December 13, 1998, 5:00 PM

I only have one sighting that there is a witness to that is living. I can't say it was a UFO, but It was a strange object in the sky. December 13, 1998 at approx. 5:00 PM. Driving west. me and my friend were driving to dinner, meeting friends for a celebration dinner. We pulled onto Carroll Lane Street from Staples and noticed a glowing orange object descending at about a 45 degree angle. The was NOT a meteor all though at first description it sounds like one.

The descent was all wrong, first it was descending extremely slow. We watched this thing for up to 5 minutes ! Another thing it had a very long tail on it, not just the white tail associated with things falling through out atmosphere, it had a long green tail. As it descended in front of us, and got closer to the horizon, we noticed it was now orange and green, and then it did something very strange. It changed course in it's decent like it hit a wall and sent from 45 degrees to straight down. Where I disappeared behind the tree line.

We arrived at the restaurant and it was all we could talk about, and another member of our party showed up a few minutes late, it was all she could talk about as well. She saw it independently of me and my friend. We found this to be very interesting, especially since no one else seemed to have noticed this 'fire ball.'

What we found out later was that the three of us who did see it. All have some type of UFO background.

I have other sightings, where another was with me, but they are now deceased. And a few where I was alone. So verification would be impossible

Peace, Orion


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