Summer 1998

Name: Jason

Location: Lakewood, just east of the St. Johns river. Jacksonville, FL USA

Date: Summer of 1998. 3-4 am

Approach Direction: NNW

Departure Direction: NNW

Witness Direction: S

Description: Early one morning, I awoke sometime between 3-4am. I found it disturbing because I could not determine the reason I had awoken. I then noticed my elderly siamiese cat looking at something outside. This itself would normally be odd. She was almost 11 and was showing her age. She never focused on anything. That is when a spotlight illuminated my room for an instant moving from N to W. My room at the time had 3 large windows faceing directly south and one window faceing west. I quikly pulled my blinds up on 2 of the south faceing windows hopeing to catch a glimps of it. My house is close to Cecil field airbase and our house was directly in the path of P-31 Orions on landing approach which normally fly E to W. Sometimes, our Sherriff's Bell helicopters fly over too which is what I expected to see. I was surprised to see a dark circular craft hovering over some nearby treelines. It had an Extremly bright spotlight which was very Blue in color. The craft was moving NNW and its path if faceing north took it just past my house and past my backyard. I estimated the craft 50-75 feet above the ground. As it moved, it was also moving its spotlight. After I had opened my blinds, the light had been refocased at the street 60 feet away (South of me) and just to the right of the craft straight down. Again, if faceing my house from the north, to the right of my house and south 50 feet on our street. It moved the light quikly north, then northwest and then again into my bedroom where it then stayed (obscureing my view of the craft for most of its time within my vision) focused as the UFO moved towards, and then past my house. I tried looking through my E facing window and watched the light as it moved to the neighbor's house directly behind mine and then northward out of view. I never heard of other reports and did not bring it up because it greatly disturbed me. I didn't belive myself and still try to contradict what I saw. I do belive it was a UFO for 2 reasons. 1, anytime I see a police helicopter that low, it is preforming an obvious circle. 2, There was absolutely NO sound or noise whatsoever. none.

Color/Shape: small dark circle. maybe 20 feet across, very bright spotlight, light was vivid blue in color.

Height & Speed: 20-30 MPH

TV/Radio/Press: No reports viewed the passing week.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/98summer.shtml