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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1999/2000 : Millbrae, California

Millbrae, California Witness Watches Massive UFO

Date: Around 1999, perhaps 2000.
Time: Between 8:00 - 11:00 p.m.

I was just goofing off blowing some idle time looking for any recent news or articles regarding claims of UFO sightings and a link brought me to your sight. First thing I see is this illustration of what someone else had reported seeing. Then it hit me! This looks like something I saw.

Around 1999 perhaps 2000, I can't be sure. I know I documented it but I cant remember where and when. Kind of like writing down a password and forgetting where you put it so documenting it did me no service. I will never ever forget the event in my life. I was working in a retirement home and I had to go outside and smoke a cigarette out by the front of our facility. I was in charge of the desk on the night shift up until midnight. Everyone was asleep or at least none of the residents were out and about. The time frame I would estimate must have been somewhere between 8-11pm. I was online with my laptop in my office. I wasn't suppose to be online and generally I would have disconnected and put away my laptop long before the next staff members came on shift and would never setup the laptop until well after all the residents and other staff were gone except our nurse. She was ok about me being online.

So I am standing outside and it's dark and the sky is clear. I would be facing east towards the SFO international airports general area but I glanced southward and saw something very strange. I couldn't make it out, but it was big. My first impression was a giant plastic grocery bag falling from the sky. I assumed my eyes were playing tricks on me but I got the sense that it not exactly a hard form but it was far away. I'd say at least who knows? A mile or more? I don't have a sense of measurement that's scientifically accurate. However you see planes all the time and after a while you kind of get to figure size and heights and distances. My guess would have been a couple miles south. I was in the town of Millbrae California and this would have put this object as coming down somewhere over Burlingame. I recall looking around for anyone who might be out and about.

The lot around the company was empty of people and the nurse somewhere off in our building doing her rounds. I didn't want to walk away for a moment unless I loose sight of this. I watched it carefully and going thru my mind as fast as possible trying to relate it to anything. I even thought it might be a sign torn loose from one of those small planes that passed over with advertisements. Yet that didn't make sense. It was night. Who would be flying around with one of those. No one could see it. After a good 5 minutes of what appeared as this objects descending it seemed to level off. Sure enough it was moving towards my area. Towards me or across my path. I was frozen in place my eyes affixed on this object and as it grew closer it seemed larger. Of course what doesn't seem larger as it gets closer. I did not see any lights and the object no longer looked like this grocery bag or bed sheet fall from the sky. It was like a massive grayish whitish thing moving slowly across the sky. It was at I'd guess a 45 degree angle from where I stood looking up at the sky. I remember having the most difficulty discerning a shape. The body seemed to be changing or perhaps something was moving over it like steam or clouds of steam. I could not make out a solid defined form. It was kind of rectangular at once then oblong another moment. It was sure as hell not a cloud. Nothing had I seen in my life move like this.

As it crossed the sky and got where it was in front of me overhead. I would say maybe it was 1000 feet up. I remember wondering why no one else saw this. Why traffic hadn't stopped. I wasn't right on the main strip and had limited view of traffic and it was night so it would make sense that drivers aren't looking up when they are driving. My guess was that this object was as big if not bigger than the building I worked in. Which was about 3-5 stories tall. I can't remember and spread over a good block. Hell of a lot bigger than anything I had ever seen flying. When it was somewhat dead in front of me at that 45 degree angle which might have put it just over the SFO (San Fran National Airport) it started to go back up into the sky. It was rising and I watched it until it appeared to look like a tiny star. A twinkle in the sky. Then the little star like object started back in the same direction from which it came. When it was far away and the street lights glare caused me to loose sight of it, I ran back into the building and called my wife who lived in Burlingame. Our apartment faced in the same direction as the place I worked. I asked her to look out over towards the bay with my binoculars and see if you could spot what appeared to be a star moving across the sky. She went outside and did see it and watched it until it was well out of her range. My only witness!

One month before this event, my wife and I were standing outside our apartment building looking up at sky in the same general direction but it was partially cloudy night. I saw something cut through the clouds fast as all hell. I was completely caught off guard and I watched the clouds and caught a second glimpse of it heading away from me towards Millbrae very fast. My first immediate thought was maybe I'd seen an owl, but it was too big and it didn't look like it had wings. I concluded no owl could ever move that fast. My second glance assured me this was way to huge to be any thing other than an object in flight. Yet with the clouds giving me only two separate one second glances I was at a total loss to conclude anything about what I had seen. I assumed the second sight was related to the first. But the second flight the object was moving super slow. It took a good 15 minutes from when I first spotted it until when it became a star like object. I took about 20 minutes to walk home one night from my Millbrae work sight to my home. So you can imagine the speed was incredibly slow.

I remember going back into the building and telling my friends online what I saw. I was immediately the comic hit of the hour. It changed me. I can no longer go out at night without looking up and studying the sky. My one friend called it the magic bed sheet. But what struck me about your illustration was picture if turned face forward with the rear turned up and front faced down. From far away at night it might look like a plastic grocery bag with the tail being the handles.

I have told this story many times to many individuals but I have never contacted anyone in the media. As a witness of how many of these stories are treated I had no desire to become a public object of someone's humor and no interest in any publicity. I believe I saw something that highly likely was not from around this planet. I am not a college schooled person or hold a degree, but I am self educated and very informed. I have vast knowledge of many things and so I am fully capable of critical and objective thinking. I do know that I do not know the source of that object or have any knowledge of anything that resembles that object with the capabilities of flying in the manner it did. Note this. The object was on a definite flight path. It did not swerve. It maintained a specific distance from the ground to the sky and flew in a straight path. So I knew at a certain point this was not an object falling from the sky. This was an object that was being directed in a specific controlled direction. I had seen planes go over my building but not in the same flight path. The path would have somewhat followed the path of the 101 freeway from the south to the North then returned south. The actual path I'd have to get out a compass to be more accurate. I just know I saw the planes head out more towards the San Mateo bridge aka the 92 freeway. To the best of my knowledge no planes flew that path leaving or entering the airport ever. No planes leaving or entering the airport could be mistaken for anything other than an airplane. I wasn't more than a mile from away from the airfields. The planes are loud and low flying over. Under no circumstances could this object have a plane of any sort that I have ever heard of ever. I know of nothing that could fly that slow and yet climb that high to the point it appeared to be a tiny star. It had no discernable lights! How would it get its light at night so that you could see it? Reflected light from the sun or the moon?

I did finally catch up with the nurse in the building. It was about 6 months later she called me and told me there was a story on TV about someone who had seen something similar to what I had described. I was not in my home at the time of the call and not able to catch the broadcast but she remembered my story and wanted to let me know that perhaps there was a lot more to this than just what I had seen. Validating my sighting basically.

I'd say a week didn't go by before I went to one of the electronic outlets and purchased myself a movie camera with night vision and kept it in the back of my car for many months in hopes that I might again get another glimpse. I never did see anything like it again. I still reside in the Burlingame area. I still look at the sky with intensity and an excited hope of seeing something or anything ever again. Now all I do is see what I guess to be satellites moving across the heavens. Some fast some slow and an occasional shooting star.

I don't know anything about you or your organization. I do not specifically follow UFO sightings. I am curious when I do hear or come across something specifically if it resembles anything like what I had seen. I am fascinated by knowledge of the heavens and the sciences around it. I do believe that it is highly unlikely that the human race is the only race of beings in the universe. Given the scope of the universe and the variances and similarities of various galaxies there is a good chance we are anything but alone. I suspect that other life forms out there may know of us and perhaps who knows they are just watching us like any scientist might watch changes in any subject of interest. It's all speculation without concrete evidence.

I am sharing this with you and I hope you find it useful. I apologize for my lack of skills in writing a fluid grammatically correct synopsis for you to analyze. I just write as my meager mind lets it flow.

Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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