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UFO Sighting Report - USA

March 28th 1999 : Fort Worth, Texas

Strange Encounter With An Unknown Vehicle

28th March 1998

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I am posting this dramatic encounter I had in Fort Worth Texas to this list in hopes that I will find someone who has had a similar sighting or someone who has information about any remotely similar sightings. And if you think you know what we saw that night then please respond. Remember we made our observation of this object from pretty close in. I believe the object was probably not more that 200 to 800 feet away from our observation point and directly above the Trinity River in Fort Worth. Also please notice that the object did not appear to make any sound while darting back and forth, and up and down. these movements were so fast it seemed to simply appear here then there, shot up 1000ft while flashing red green white and sometimes blue lights. at each new place it positioned itself to. This object was definately under some sort of intelligent control, and knew we were interested it it.

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Please read on...

However I veryto see if anyone out there has seen a lighting effect similar to what my son and I saw that night. Please read the account and all notes. IF you have any information about a similar event, please respond. All responses are welcome and I will attempt to answer each and every one of them.

Mike Harman




March 28, 1998 at 11:00PM


My son and I had just left work and were driving on highway 287 South approaching I-30 just out of downtown Fort Worth Texas. We noticed an unusual object looking west from the city over the Trinity River area just east of downtown Fort Worth Texas. At first we thought it was just an airplane, but then we noticed that the object had several very intense rapidly strobing green, red and white lights, all three strobing at the same time in a sort of burst of light energy.

The effect was similar to that of a police cars lights as seen from a distance at night, except not quite the same. In the case of the police cars lights, they are in a constant state of flashing, and the lights rotating cause the flashing effect.

In the case of the UFO, these lights would stop strobing, with now visible lighting for several seconds possibly eight to ten seconds, then suddenly burst with this rapid fire, Random, very intense beautifully colored burst of strobing or rapidly flashing lights.

Each burst of energy lasted only about two seconds then the object went back to an all-dark state. We noticed that there were no other lights visible on the object during the strobing effect.

Then suddenly the light turned to an all green light, then all white this lasted only about a second, then back to the strobing effect again.

We also noticed that the object appeared to be darting back and forth too rapidly for any known aircraft; sometimes it just appeared to jump from side to side causing the lights to strobe here then suddenly a few hundred feet in another direction.

It also darted off moving about a half mile in one direction then suddenly dart straight up approximately 1000 feet then back in the opposite direction. Then it changed course moving at an incredible speed in an easterly direction passing our vehicle.

Then it suddenly turned and went in the opposite direction from us. During this maneuver I observed a large florescent green colored light or glowing area on what I believed was the rear of this craft.

It was almost as if the object was putting on a show for us; as if it knew we were there watching it, totally amazed at what we were seeing. The object followed our vehicle for about five minutes as we drove East on I-30 when we finally lost site of it when it turned and went away from us.

I would like to add that I have never seen an aircraft with this type of lighting and flight characteristics. It did not have any of the normal legal aircraft lighting.

I am a retired Air Force member and have seen many aircraft in my time and can identify most of the normal aircraft, this object did not fit any of their descriptions.

A little further up I-30, probably not more than a mile of so, we noticed a round silver-blue object pacing our van. The object would light up similar to a blue-white or silver florescent light bulb for about two seconds then it would turn this light off for what seemed to be one or two seconds pulsating in this manor two seconds of light, two seconds of totally dark with absolutely no lighting of any sort visible when the light went out. It continued this for a few miles, exactly pacing our vehicle before vanishing completely.

The object appeared to be possibly a half-mile away from us. I would estimate the size of this sphere to be roughly twice to three time the size of an automobile or about 30 feet wide.

Needless to say this left us with an eerie feeling, for the rest of the night. As soon as I arrived at home I immediately wrote down every detail that I could remember to make sure I didn't forget any of the details of this strange encounter.


When we were viewing this object from the highway just outside the downtown Fort Worth city limits, it appeared, or at least the lighted area was about the size of a basketball held at three times my arm length and was viewed at an angle of 45 degrees from the horizon.

I had to stick my head clear out of the window of my van and look up to see this thing.

My son had half his body stuck out the left front window in order to view it from that side of the van.

We were moving at no more that five miles per hour at the time of the sighting and there was very little noise coming from my van as the engine was at an idle, and I was traveling at no more that 5 miles per hour.

During the sighting I heard absolutely no sound of any kind coming from this object, and there were no other aircraft or cars in the area at the same time.

When the strobing effect stopped we were unable to see anything in the sky, the object had become completely invisible therefore we were unable to determine its shape.

Also when I viewed this object it gave me a very strange sensation almost like adrenaline rushing through my system or possibly I was feeling the effects of some sort of magnetic or electrical energy similar to static electricity, or simply excited about what I was a witness to.

I felt that the object was very close to us almost felt I could reach out and touch it.


I work in a Fort Worth high-rise building and have an excellent view of the downtown area and Trinity River. I noticed that the river runs parallel to the highway all the way up to interstate 30 then turns northward and follows I-30 for a couple of miles.

What is interesting about this discovery is that it appears that the UFO followed the river and was situated beside us even as we made the exit ramp to I-30. It seemed to be always within 200 feet from us until it turned away. It also was not more that 200-400 feet off the ground during this sighting.


I have since learned that another person on the other side of the river has, also observed the above sighting observed by my son and myself. He observed the object over the Trinity River at the same time as we had seen it from Highway 287 that evening. I have been in e-mail contact with this person about this sighting however the teenaged son does not want to talk about this incident, ad he fears ridicule from his friends.


The area where we made the sighting had some normal street light poles in the area and there was quite a bit of ambient light coming from the downtown area of Fort Worth city as it is only about a mile away.

The only time I actually saw any shape, letting us know something was truly there was when it turned away from us momentarily exposing the rear side of the object, showing a florescent very green looking perfectly round and brightly lit area that reminded me of some the movie special effects used for space ships.

I also had a sensation or feeling that there was a honeycomb design within the green-lighted area.

The size of the green circle was about the size of or a bit smaller than a basketball with the length of three arms held straight out or a fist with an arm held straight out, and pointed up about 40 to 45 degrees.

When the lights strobed they were confined to an area a bit larger than a fist as stated above and in a circular bunch of lights. Also when the lights turned to all white and all green it appeared to be the same lights except they were steady white and green still the very vivid deep color of green and red as in emerald red and ruby green, for about a second.

I apologies I really didn't take notice of the exact shape or position of these lights, I think I was simply too awed by the event, I mean my jaw must have been dragging on the ground right about then. I have become interested in the "Edwards Encounter" of 1965 (Sam Sherman) as there are some similarities in the colors of the lights.

I do know that this was not a blimp or helicopter as both make quite a bit of noise at that range, and we heard no sound at all except my van which was at an idle and is very quiet running. The object darted straight up possibly 1000 feet almost instantaneously and did it without a sound. Blimps and helicopters are unable to maneuver that quickly.

It was not a fireball due to the length of time observed and fireballs do not hover absolutely still and silently.

It was not an experimental craft as they would not be operating a craft with advanced technology in such a congested populated area, low over a river, and they would not be observing and putting on a show like they did for us. It would be very difficult to explain why an experimental craft crashed in the vicinity or a residential area like downtown Fort Worth.

Michael Harman USAF (Ret.) Photographer.

Visit my web site where I have more of my sightings along with other Texas residents reports and an historical database of many Texas sightings.





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