June 25th 1999

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: aero

Location: sister bay, door county, wisconsin the object itself was probably over lake michigan

Date: i have specific day details writtten in an old notebook, if necessary approximately the (25th)of june 1999

Approach Direction: north/east

Departure Direction: it never left! we got bored after about 2 hours ...

Witness Direction: we were looking south, i believe

Description: i just got out of work of the door county ice cream factory with my girlfriend at the time. i was really tired and laying on the ground looking up at the stars in the sky. i saw what looked like a satellite moving slowly across the sky (it looked like it was that far away, the only color and shape we could make out was a bright white light). suddenly the object stopped, then it went back the direction in came, then it started moving around in circles and spirals. i pointed it out to my girlfriend. after watching it for about 10 minutes, we decided we should get our manager for more eyes of verification. he came out and watched it to unusual movements up the the air, mainly circles and spirals. then it stopped, and seemed to start plummeting to the earth like all "anti-gravity" support went out, but just a short distance from the earth it slowed down, and went right back up to it's place in the sky; then it started doing the circles again! our manager specifically said, "i can't handle this, i got to go back inside".

we decided to go home, not too far away, and try to get some of our neighbor friends to see it. it was still there, so we went in their house to get some people. there was about 10 people at the house, but most people thought we were making it up. we could only get two people to come out. we layed down right along the waters of green bay with there other two people (now four total). it did the same circles and spirals and even did the psudo-crashing down the earth thing again after stopping for awhile in one spot. it also started doing 'zig-zags' -- moving in "\/\/" formations WITHOUT slowing DOWN! this is how we knew the technology being employed by them was, if nothing else, something secretive on this planet, or yet to be discovered. at one point it stopped, and another light shot out from it and went flying out into space, disappearing in a matter of seconds -- again this light was going in one direction when it, without slowing down, took off at about a 75 degree angle in another direction (a spacepod flying back into space?). after about 15 minutes, when these two people didn't return, another person came out to see. when that person stayed and watched, another person came out to see. when THAT person didn't return after a while, another couple of people came out from the house to watch with all of us. by the end we had 7 or 8 people in total watching this object for over two hours since i first saw it in the sky. the last 20 minutes or so it just kept the same spiraling path, and it was after midnite, maybe even after 1 am, so we kinda got bored with it (if it didn't come down to say hi to us yet, i guess it probably wasn't going to). so we all left to go home.

Color/Shape: only a bright white glowing circular shape

Height & Speed: very slow spirals, incredibly fast when making \/\/ movements, as fast as gravity pulls when free-falling to earth, i don't have a good enough understanding of atmospheric height to give an accurate estimate . . .

TV/Radio/Press: we never told any newspapers, etc, but the object seemed to be far enough up and south of us that people for a hundred miles south could have seen it

Follow-up by Brian Vike

i honestly would have a hard time tracking down most of the people who saw the object . . . one was my ex-girlfriend, and though i could find her because i know where her dad works in madison, i would feel a little awkward trying to make contact with her just so that she could file a 'ufo' report. the other people that lived up there are scattered throughout wisconsin (and iowa), last i heard, though again, my ex would be the best bet to contact those people, as she was friends with them for a while after i moved to california. our manager that saw the object may or may not be working at the Door County Ice Cream Factory (only open in the summer, i think) in Sister Bay, and the best bet to contact him (who actually only saw the object briefly before he was scared away:) would be through the current owner, Todd, who was the other manager at the time that Andrew was working there (i don't know his last name but i'm sure it would be on file, though Todd would know who i am talking about). I think he would talk about it a little, but he put 'walls' up after seeing it so that he felt more 'secure', in my opinion. I don't know anybody's last name, only first names, except my ex, and i'm not sure if i want to give up her name.

So i guess i'm not really sure if i can help you follow up on this much. i do have more in my notebook, but not much more than i have already told you. Once i get my stuff out of storage, i'll look through it to see if there is any other pertinent information that i missed -- but you have all the major info, as far as i remember.

If i can help you out in any other way, just let me know.

take care,


ps -- it almost looked like the 'controlers' of the craft were teaching a young one and/or 'teenager' to drive/operate the craft (i know that sounds far out, but that came up in our discussion as we watched it). we also got the feeling like 'they' didn't have to be showing us what they were doing up in the sky -- ie: it could have been pure black (no light) and invisible to the human eye ---- 'it' wanted to be SEEN.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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