July 4th 1999

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Benton County, Beaver Lake, Arkansas (Silvan Shores)

Date: midnite, July 4, 1999

Approach Direction: east

Departure Direction: south

Witness Direction: east

Description: I thought someone might find this of interest, as many people have seen glowing red balls in the sky, but this one was in our YARD and IN MY FACE! It s absolutely true!! And for you intellectual skeptic know-it-alls (I was) with degrees in science and skepticism: you need to get outside more often!

I have recently had the pleasure of witnessing a small Unidentified Flying Object while vacationing in northern Arkansas (Beaver Lake) this past July 4th. What I am about to relay was witnessed by a friend and myself and had a BIG impact on our lives:

We stepped outside to the porch around midnight to enjoy this strangely cool evening and have a smoke. While we sat in the dark looking out toward the path that doglegs through the trees to the lake, there appeared a deep red, glowing ball of light traveling up the path. At first I wondered who was walking up the path carrying a flashlight, but I quickly realized that there was not anyone carrying anything, it was a small ball of red light taking its time until it came into a big clearing between two big trees where we had slung a hammock. The distance was approximately 100 feet away and about 4 feet above the ground. It hovered for a second and then made three or four circles in the air (horizontally). These circles were about 3 feet in diameter. The next thing I knew, I was looking up and the thing was about 15 feet in front of me and about 8 feet in the air just above a tree branch. The stranger thing about this is that it is impossible to see any tree branches from our seat under the top deck. I had to be looking through the deck or I was sucked out from under it, I figured later? There was absolutely no sound from it, us, or anywhere around, for that matter. Total silence. It was spherical, looking like a white hot steel bearing say 4 inches in diameter just pulled from a furnace, spinning as fast as a top and just hanging there maybe 3 seconds. The red glow around was maybe a foot in diameter. Kinda looked like those NASA animations of a planet or sun. It then made 3 or 4 circles (horizontally) again and zoomed off at about a 45-degree angle into the sky like a bullet. This display lasted some 7 seconds from beginning to end. I sat there stunned. Some seconds later I remembered Doug was sitting next to me and I asked him Did you see that? He said that he had. Strangely, we got up and went to bed without even discussing it, other than a joke about locking the door in case it came back.

The next day, when I was relating this event to the other guests, Doug interrupted and said that he saw it hovering and spinning in place on the path, but that he did not see it circle and zoom right up to us. He said he was ready to bolt for his life as soon as it stopped in the clearing, as he knew it was not a natural phenomenon right then and there. The look on his face was priceless when he heard me say it was in my face!

Weeks later, after much coaching from me during a telephone conversation, he blurts out 'it was a f ***ing a machine, and that we were probed . His passionate reply and next statement about 'it may not be safe to go outdoors at night alone in the Ozarks' was all I needed to hear to erase any doubts as to the validity of this incident. He will not talk about it too anyone!

I am reporting this event so that your organization will have this account on record, if you deem necessary. If possible, I would like to hear from others in AR who have seen these machines. Interesting tidbit: I had just finished Carl Sagan's 'Our Demon Haunted World' before this trip and bought in to it. Thankfully, a higher source dropped by that night to straighten me out! They ARE hear! RIP Mr. Sagan.................

Color/Shape: included in report

Height & Speed: included in report


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