July 19th 1999

Pasadena, Texas, Triangular Craft

July 14, 1999, 9:15 PM

I stepped out on my front porch (facing NNW) and looked up to find a huge 45 degree triangular craft in the sky above Pasadena, Texas, heading almost due west toward Houston. The leading edges of the wings were lined from end to end with individual steady white lights and there were red, white, blue and green lights strobing in what appeared to be a random pattern all over the underside of the object, with no discernable fixed position.

I live about 3 blocks south of Texas 225, on the east side of Pasadena. The sky is perfectly clear, and there is a glow from the Ship Channel Industries, Houston and the other cities in this congested area, thus I was able to see what appeared to be a faint image of a domed shape on top, framed by the "V". I yelled for my brother to come look, but by the time he got there with phone in hand, it had passed behind the trees toward the west. He handed me the phone and my estranged wife who was apparently listening to my excited description, said, "I'm looking at it now". Then proceeded to describe it, and tell me it was "just another weird new plane". (a skeptic till death, which is much longer than this marriage will last).

The only thing wrong with the possibility that she was looking at the same object, is that she was on FM 1960 headed west toward Houston Intercontinental Airport, on the north side of Houston, in Huffman, Texas looking at a similar object (directly overhead), apparently on a final for Intercontinental, about 30 miles due north. Yet she described it exactly as I described the one above.

The one I saw was crossing one of the approach corridors for Hobby Airport on the south side of Houston, at about a 45 degree angle. My sighting lasted for approximately 15 seconds, with the craft appearing to be at normal altitude and normal speed for air traffic, in or out of Hobby, directly over Texas, 225. In fact, its flight path would probably have been right down the Center Median of 225.



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UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/990719.shtml