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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 25th 1999 : Boca Raton, Florida

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Boca Raton, Florida. USA

July 25, 1999

Approach Direction: stationary

Departure Direction: NW

Witness Direction: E

Description: After watching the shuttle launch at 12:24 am on 7-25-99 I went back to the intercoastal waterway on Jeffrey Street in Boca Raton, FL at 2:30 am to check my catfish lines and saw a "star twinkling red, yellow, green, blue and white". I knew it wasn't a star and happened to have 800 speed film which I loaded into my 35mm camera and attatched a 270mm lens and tripod. Looking through the lens I distinctly saw smaller craft appear one at a time right next to the "mothership" in formations of three's, four"s, and five's, and they put on the darnedest laser light show that you could ever imagine, shooting colors at each other. Ever since that night I have been combing the web looking for similar sightings and have found many reports of people seeing a star projecting colors while moving in tight circles.

While visiting my mother in Boca Raton, Billy and I snuck downstairs to watch the shuttle launch on CNN. After watching the liftoff on tv we ran from moms condo about fifty yards to the intercoastal waterway to see if we could see it. Sure enough with the naked eye we could see the burn headed due east about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon. I was quite surprised that we could see it so clearly because we were hundreds of miles south of the Cape. At this time I did not notice a " star pulsing colors" .

Billy and I went back to moms and I watched the entire NASA news conference on some Florida NASA station while Billy went to sleep. There were alot of problems with the launch that night and you could see the concern on the faces of the NASA people. About 2:30 am that same night I went down to the waterway to check my catfish lines when I noticed this thing. It was in NE sky about 45 degrees above horizon just below 7 sisters constellation. After I set up the camera Billy woke up and came looking for me at the dock. It was a very clear night with good darkness and I had Billy look through the lens to confirm what I was seeing. As we took turns looking through the lens I was constantly asking Billy what he saw to confirm what I was seeing. I'm 46, 20-20 vision but I'm sure that the eyes of an 8 year old are much better than mine. We also had 8-24*50 Legacy Binoculars which were not as good as looking through the camera lens.

While looking through the lens at the main larger object it appeared white and round. At random times it would turn completely opaque or translucent. Although you could still see it, it was like you could look right through it. Then when it was in this opaque mode I would look at it with the naked eye to see if it was still there and it looked exactly the same, that is a "star pulsing colors". I focused each frame with the main object in the bottom portion of the circle of the 270mm lens and this was not easy because it kept moving in tight circles which required me to keep moving the tripod. Through the lens the object looked about as big as a O.As Billy and I watched the round white dot through the lens a smaller dot or craft would appear right next to it on the right. Then another object would appear, then another, and they would flash colors at each other. These craft formed triangles, squares, and circles, depending on how many decided to appear. Then these smaller craft would either leave or turn their lights off, leaving only the larger white dot. Billy and I never took our eyes off this thing. Billy probably joined me about 3:15 am and we watched it until it began to leave in broad daylight. At about daybreak it slowly began going up and to the left. I kept the lens on it as we saw it turn into a small speck on the lens. We watched it leave for about 45 minutes till about 7:30, when we went home and I began looking in the phone book for a one hour developer. Now I'll try to explain whats on the pictures.

To the naked eye the pics look black with a dot in the middle of each frame. But when I took my 50mm lens off my camera and opened the iris to use it as a magnifier things become quite clear. The object dot or mothership is clearly visible in color. It appears red on the bottom and green on top, quite different than what we saw through the lens. The bottom shows red cris cross on the "deck" and instead of being round it's sort of five sided like a house and a roof with not enough pitch. I used automatic exposure on most of the shots which kept the lens open for 2 to three seconds.You can detect the small movement of the main craft during these exposures by the slight trailing of the green on top and red on bottom. After some reading I've seen the term plasma used. I figured the red was heat but it was not in the form of a light or beam. During the opaque stages of the main craft the pics appear dark brown and round. Stars are clearly visible in the backround.
I'm sure I took quite a few pics with the smaller craft doing the formations near the mothership but the pics do not show this. Instead there are trails of distinct colored objects all over the frames showing up as red then green with a yellow tail. As I've tried to explain, what we saw through the lens was quite different than what the pics showed. Maybe this is because these smaller craft were constantly moving and the lengthy exposure times made it hard to catch these things sitting still. Now for the most interesting part of the pics. As I have studied the bottom of the larger craft I can clearly see objects sitting on the "deck" in some frames and not sitting on the deck in other frames. I can see what appears to be a triangular shaped craft in the middle of the deck surrounded by smaller dots on the edges of the deck. Five dots on the edges of the house with a triangle in the middle.

My next observation is for all those people in Florida who have seen this thing especially the amatuer astronomer who reported seeing this thing in broad daylight fom his driveway in Miami Shores. (posted national ufo reporting center 6-23-99) He said "The scope I used was a 8" Celestron with a 20mm wide angle lens. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This was a disk shaped craft with a definite dome. It was hovering perfictly still but then would occasionally tilt straight up revealing it's dome." This is exactly what I saw in one of my photographs. I have only one image that shows this thing tilted revealing a black classic dome shape surrounded by the red on bottom and green on top.

I never noticed this tilting until I got the pictures back. Only one out of 24 prints shows this classic ufo image. I'd love to talk with this guy! It's hard for me to estimate how far away this thing was but I would guess it was sitting above the atmosphere over the ocean just east of Cape Kennedy. My real question is how could me and my son be the only ones to see this thing that night. I called the miami paper to see if anyone had contacted them and they said no. Whatever this thing was it had to be HUGE. With proper photoanalysis maybe it can be determined just how big it was. If this thing was sitting there at 12:24 am during the shuttle launch then I'd guess that the shuttle shot right under it. And since the monitor showing all the vital shuttle stats was not working that night those three in the shuttle just might have been looking through the windshield and enjoying the show that Billy and I saw. I especially liked the Leno show when Hugh Grant asked the female captain and crew member of the shuttle if UFO's were real and what is NASA hiding, and they just looked at each other and giggled! There was also alot of other newsworthy stuff going on that night like the Kennedy crash and the 30 year reunion of astronauts which makes me wonder if that particular night would have been a good night for a preaaranged visit. This particular flight was cancelled over and over and was only the second flight to go at night. I'm working on getting these pictures properly analyzed and blown up but it ain't easy. And the catfish sure were good!

Patrick Mullarky