July 27th 1999

Huntsville, Alabama To Tullahoma, Tennessee Low Flying White Ball

Date: July 27, 1999
Time: Approx: 9:30 p.m.

Message: I was driving alone at about 9:30 at night on my way home from Huntsville, Ala. to Tullahoma, Tenn. I was on a hill between the community of Mulberry and Lynchburg, Tenn. (Moore County). Suddenly a white ball came up from my right, low down and shot across in front of me about telephone height. It appeared to be about the size of a soccer ball. There was no other traffic on the road and it was a clear night. I tried to contact a Nashville paper, but received no response. I called Professor Gary Flandro (of the UT Space Institute here). I told him what I had seen, but he couldn't explain it. I saw the light on 27 July 1999, Tuesday. I had to go back through my journal to remember the date.

I never expected to ever see the light again, but I did. This time I was sitting in my upstairs bedroom watching TV. I saw the ball shoot across from the direction of the field across. This was on 25 Oct. 2002 on a Friday night about 9:30.
It was the same type of ball. There is no glow, just a circle of white. I don't know that I should call it a light as it did not shine. This white ball is very fast, not big.

I had tried to find something on the net, but couldn't at that time. Recently I was watching a show about crop circles. I now know that what I saw is related and that I am not the only one to have seen the balls. It is hard wading through the junk on line to find a reliable place to report what I saw. Perhaps you know who might be interested in my data. I can't say that I believe in UFO's as alien related. God made us in his image, so I do not believe in little green men or big eyed midgets. I do know what I saw and I'm sure there is a logical explanation. If our spy planes can read a license plate from space, I'm sure they can maneuver remote objects that could carve out crop circles computer generated. That is just a guess, of course.
I do know that these white balls are real. They evidently have something to do with the legitimate crop circles.

Thanks for listening.

Thank you to the person for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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