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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Mid August 1999 : Indiana

Indiana UFO Sighting


Mid August 1999

Mid August - Between 10:00 and 11:00pm


My friend and i were at the town park when we heard like a really lound windy noise but we thought it was a truck goin accross the broken down tracks. so we went up town and set on a bench near the bank when a couple of girls showed up and said somthing was chasing them and they were really freaked out so we got in the car with them just to make sure they were goin to be ok. they took us near the end of town when she sudenly slamed on the brakes and said there it is we looked up and there was 3 lights blue white red. It looked as if it was comin towards us so she took off and it was right up above us then we didnt see so we went back to the bank. and we noticed it again but it was high in the atmosphere now but it look like there was a hole in the sky when we noticed 2 of them so my friend and i was goin toward my house, about 2 blocks from the bank, when we seen more of the light that looked like they were comming toward us so we ran all the way to my! house i went in and got my camra and broncolars. some how we couldnt get pics of them it seemed it was to dark or somthing. but i could get a good glimpse of them with my broncolars it looked like a disk with one side lighted up. i kept seeing them all through the sky then we heard that wind noise again and we looked in the trees and we seen a triagle thing with a spotlight thing in the front and red light on one side and blue light on the other it was to low for planes and to quiet it went right through my trees and vanished and then that was the last we seen of them. im not makeing this up. the next day one of my other friends who we didnt even say anything about the story started telling us about it that he seen it too.


UFOINFO thanks Dave Ledger and UFO Scotland for passing on this sighting report.