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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

August 1st 1999 : Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

1st August 1999 - Around 7:30/8:00PM

Bethlehem, PA

It was around 7:30/8:00, and I was swimming in my aunts pool and I got out becuase the water was getting cold and I decided to sit on the deck of the pool to dry off. I was just sitting there for about five miniuts and I saw this red flash of light about two hundred feet away. I did not here any sound of what a plane would make and ust like a bat out of hell, a red orbed shaped object appeared out of no where. It was about three hundred feet off the ground and it just hovered and bobbed around,and just as fast as it apered it disappeared. As astonished as I was I was about to run in the house when I saw a jet go past and past the jet was a bright flash and I saw someting shoot off like a bullet. So I suppose I saw two unidentified flying objects.

Michael James Martinez

UFOINFO thanks Dave Ledger and UFO Scotland for passing on this sighting report.