August 16th 1999

A second daylight observation of something unusual in the sky on Monday afternoon, August 16, 1999, has been reported from Butler County, north of Pittsburgh. A husband and wife were relaxing in a swimming pool, when at about 5:45 P.M. the man noticed in the eastern sky, a circular object that appeared to be of a dull gray metallic color. The object was high in the sky and was quite small when first observed. During the next few minutes as the couple watched, the object moved west towards their direction over Butler, but remained at a high altitude. As the object got closer, it became larger and more detail could be seen. the couple could see that there were actually two round or circular objects that appeared to be joined together side by side, but giving the impression that they were individual objects. The objects were "like quarters on edge" and they appeared thin with little depth.

The sun did not appear to reflect off of the devices. As the couple continued to watch, the objects suddenly stopped, then made a sharp 90 degree turn towards the North and moved behind a tree blocking the view of the observers. They continued to look waiting for the objects to emerge from behind the tree, but this never occured. The man exited the pool and ran to another location to try to spot the objects, but they were never seen again. No sound was heard during the observation. The witnesses who have never seen anything like this before, are convinced that what they saw was not an aircraft or balloons.

At about 2:12 P.M. earlier this date, near Reading, PA in Berks County, a silver disk shaped object was reportedly seen as it moved off at a high rate of speed towards the South.

Stan Gordon

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[Article taken from the UFO UpDates Mailing List and posted with permission.]


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