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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 16th 1999 : Near Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Daylight Disk Reported in Eastern Pennsylvania

UFO Sightings Active Across The State

Stan Gordon

17th August 1999

Yesterday afternoon, I received a report from woman, whose young son had related to her details of something strange he had just observed. The incident took place about 5 miles from Reading, PA in Berks County. The lady told me how her son ran into the house very excited and described a silver disk that he observed high in the sky. I had the opportunity to talk with the lad who sounded very mature for his age, and he was able to give me a detailed account of what took place. He had checked the time, and says that the sighting occurred at 2:12 P.M. The preliminary information indicates the boy was outside watching some birds flying around, when his attention was drawn to a silver disk shaped object above him and high in the sky. The object appeared motionless during the time he observed it. The young man stated that at the bottom of the disk, he could see what looked like a figure U that was dark green in color. As the boy watched, suddenly the object zoomed off at a high rate of speed towards the South. The witness recalls a low rumble as the object sped out of sight in a matter of seconds. More information on this case is being gathered.

During July and August, there has been an apparent surge in UFO sighting activity being reported around the state. The National UFO Reporting Center lists numerous reports that they have received, many are from eastern sections of the state. There have also been incidents reported from other locations of the commonwealth as well. Some of the cases I am currently looking into include numerous colored lights and odd beams illuminating the sky in Indiana County, and an account from a woman who was sitting in her car near a suburb of Pittsburgh, who reports that a silent wide beam of light suddenly appeared above her and projected downward, illuminating the inside of her vehicle. She immediately got out of the car, but could not see or hear anything that could account for the source of the bright beam.

I am interested in any anomalous events reported in Pennsylvania.

Stan Gordon

PA UFO Hotline: 724-838-7768

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