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UFO Sighting Report - USA

October 26th 1999 : Dallas, Texas

Transcript of October 26, 1999 Dallas UFO Sighting

26th November 1999

October 26, 1999 - The crews of 2 commercial aircraft reported an anomalous object in their vicinity over Dallas, Texas at 37,000 ft. The witnesses reported the object to be a seemingly very large triangular shaped craft with extremely bright lights.

In this transcript AC#1 is the pilot who first saw it, AC#2 is the 2nd aircraft that saw it. FWC is Fort Worth FAA center. I have removed the company names from this transcript for protection of the witness's privacy.

This is a transcript of the radio traffic on 132.450 at approximately 2 am, with Fort Worth FAA center.

AC#1: Ah, Ft. Worth center we just got, ah, a series of 3 very bright lights, ah, it appears at our 11 o'clock (unintelligible). we don't know the distance, but it's pretty far out there, maybe 20 miles or so, ah do you have a formation of airplanes flying out there?

FWC: . I'm not showing anything.

AC#1: I hate to sound like one of those wacky UFO reportings, but I have never seen anything like it's ah 11 o'clock, for who knows how far, it could be 15-20 miles away, 3 very, very bright lights. It looked like they went west, and the lights appeared, and then disappeared.

AC#1: Is there a refueling track out there or something like that, or could there be somebody out there with their lights on during refuel? Or something like that?

FWC: We have a refueling track out there, but we don't have anybody in it right now, I already thought about that. I'm showing some interesting primary targets but that's probably just some kind of anomaly. I don't believe there are any aircraft out there. Well, actually at 11-12 o'clock at maybe 10 miles.

AC#1: roger, ah, I have a witness, the co-pilot and I both saw it and ah, I don't know what to tell you, it was very odd.

FWC: (unintelligible)

AC#1: ah we don't see any strobes, or anything, (unintelligible) ah the lights were far enough apart that led me to believe the airplanes were closer than further and, usually after the headlights turn away, ah the landing lights turn away, you can see strobes or something, but we don't see anything out there.

FWC: (unintelligible) approximately, ah you believe it looks like a flight of 3 you were seeing?

AC#1: it was a flight of 3 and ah, at first glance I would have thought it was a refueling operation but generally they don't happen at this time of the morning and ah, if it was a air refueling operation I know the airplanes are in formation and ah, the lights were far enough apart that it would lead me to believe that even in group formation or even ah, a wider formation, they would be closer to us.

FWC: AC#1 roger, ah, approximately what altitude are they at now?

AC#1: I'd say our altitude ah, plus or minus a couple of thousand feet.

FWC: roger, I'll attempt to notify anybody at altitude center.

AC#2: with you level at 370

FWC: AC#2 roger

AC#2: ah, we spotted that flight about 5 min. ago it looked like it was on the other side, of, north of Dallas about 80 miles or so away from us.

FWC: roger, confirming you also saw it?

AC#2: affirmative

FWC: AC#1 well, it appears you have some collaboration now.

End of tape.

(Posted by Jim Hickman)

Follow-up message from Amy Hebert:

I came across this report on the Art Bell show last Friday. I checked my log and found that I just happened to be observing the skies that day, October 26th, taking pictures (video) of contrails forming over the area. In fact, I took off work that day to get the work done for a study I'm conducting.

When I came across the report, I put what pictures I had on a web page to share - if anyone may be interested (""). I sent the info to Peter Davenport and Art Bell but ol' Art never answers any of the info I send or pays any attention (GBG). It is just for info anyway.

I don't know if the contrails and weird plane have anything to do with what the pilots saw but the location they describe is north of Dallas, Texas and that's exactly where I live and where these contrails have been forming - sometimes two to three days a week. When investigating any incident, I believe it is important to correlate all data whether it seems related or not. (In fact, data most investigators overlook forms the basis of a book I'm writing. And this is why I note everything I see when making observations. You never know what it may mean in the long run. <gbg> )

On my web page, "Texas Skies", are a few other events that occurred north of Dallas -in my "back yard" - as well as an event that occurred south of Dallas. All were reported here on Skywatch International when they first happened (a few were paying attention). There is more yet to be posted as things just keep getting weirder in Texas.

Can anyone tell me what kind of plane that was and where I can view a picture of it (for another study I'm conducting)? Remember, it had a nose/cockpit that bent UP like an "L" shape, was VERY big and black. It flew unusually slow and shocked me the first time I saw it that morning.

Due to the weird things I've seen up there, I keep a sharp look-out all the time and note everything I see flying around in these Texas skies. I've seen all kinds of planes and helicopters but never anything like this and it seemed to be in the area all day as I saw it several times - or - there were two or more of them.

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Report taken from the Skywatch International mailing list and used with permission