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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 5th 1999 : Fort Worth, Texas

High Speed Boomerang Spotted over Fort Worth Texas

Mike Harman

5th November 1999

The time of this boomerang sighting was 2:37PM on 11/05/99. I always take a look at the sky whenever I get off the elevator and I ride these elevators many times a day. On each floor where the elevator doors are there is a large window looking west, giving me an excellent view of the western horizon of Fort Worth Texas. I also have a great view of the sky from the same window. Today at 2:37PM I glanced out this window on the 37th floor of the Burnett Plaza building in downtown Fort Worth Texas. I had only been looking out this window for approximately three minutes when I spotted a perfect boomerang shaped object traveling at a high speed. It looked similar to the boomerangs sighted in New York New Jersey area. It had narrow what looked like wings angled back sharply with no visible body seen. This object was approximate the size of a dime held at arms length and appeared to be a dark gray in color. The sky was partly cloudy with vivid blue sky showing between the sparse cloud cover. I spotted this object moving from behind one cloud and again hidden by another cloud. It was visible for only about two seconds due to its rapid speed. I was able to clearly see the shape of this object as it contrasted against the deep blue sky. It would be my guess that its size would have been possibly three times the size of a jumbo jet flying just above the clouds. Judging from the size of a jet seen moving across this same area in the past.

Sky conditions during observation period were: Winds South at 14 mpg with no gusts, Cloud Ceiling 500 ft., Temperature 64, Dewpoint 60, Relative Humidity 87%, Visibility 9 miles, and some haze present.

Mike Harman

Report taken from the Skywatch International mailing list and used with permission