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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 5th 1999 : Yavapai County, Chino Valley, Arizona

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Yavapai County, Chino Valley, AZ

Date: 5th November 1999 11PM MST

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: West, then moved to East

Description: There is a well-known phenomena of little lights that dart around the sky in this area that are similar to the strobes on small aircraft.

On 11-05-99 I was locking up the house at 11 pm before heading to bed. The sky was particularly clear and beautiful, so I opened my back door (facing west) to have a better look.

There were three lights at about the height one might expect to see small aircraft (sorry, I'm not good at distances), and they may have been about 10 miles away.

These were not quite like the usual lights that seem to roam about aimlessly, going nowhere in particular, so I thought I might be seeing actual aircraft headed to the Prescott airport. These lights were somewhat larger, and faded rhytnmically from white to reddish and back to white again. They also moved a little more slowly, and I had the distinct impression that they might be looking for something.

Two of them stayed in the area in which I first saw them. One proceeded west across the north end of Chino Valley. It may have been as close as 3-5 miles away from my house as it crossed the valley, at about the same speed that I see small aircraft crossing the area. There was no sound of engines, and it was close enough that I should have heard a sound had it been an aircraft. The light itself had an onion dome shape, rather like the domes of Russian churches. I moved to my front door (facing east) to watch the light. It slowly faded into the eastern sky. Just before it was nearly out of sight, I had a very strong tone in my right ear. I went immediately to bed, which is a few feet from the front door, and within a minute or so experienced another strong tone.

I've been advised by an acquaintance familiar with this phenomena that I may be an abductee with an implant. I experienced having several tones in the course of the past week, working up to a crescendo of about 5 or 6 during the day on 11-5 (I worked cleaning a house in Coyote Springs from 12:20 PM - 5:20 PM, near Prescott Valley, part of the greater Chino Valley). I've had this happen for 20 years or longer, and if the tone is loud enough, it can be heard by others. Anyway, the last tone I heard in bed on 11-5-99 is the last I've heard since. The sky was overcast on 11-6, and on 11-7, there were no lights. I didn't try to keep track of the other two objects.

Color/Shape: Roundish, onion shaped lights fading from white to reddish and back.

Height & Speed: Roughly the same height that one can expect to see small aircraft at.

TV/Radio/Press Coverage: Not to my knowledge.

K. Robinson