Summer 1999/2000

Finger Lakes UFO Sighting Near Watkins Glen, NY

Date: Summer 1999 - 2000 ?

Dear Brian,

A few years ago I was traveling north on Route 14, having just left Watkins Glen, NY. My niece who was in her late teens at the time was accompanying me in my vehicle. It was a summer day with clear skies. Seneca Lake was to the right side of our vehicle.

I looked to my right and spotted a dark grey colored object in a stationary position above the lake (it was above the lake, though below the hills flanking the east and west sides of the lake's shorelines). It appeared to be shaped quite like a derby hat with a dome shaped top and rim around the bottom. I could not estimate it's exact size because it was ahead and to the right of my point of view. Because Seneca Lake is a large body of water, even at its narrowest point, I could discern the object was quite huge because it loomed large over the water.

When I spotted the object I alerted my niece to look to her 1-2 o'clock view. She spotted the object and I asked her to describe what she saw (I wanted to verify that I was seeing the same thing she was!). She described the object in the same manner as I viewed it. We watched the object for approximately 15 seconds when it simply disappeared. We did not see it fly off .. it just vanished.

Having been a resident of the Finger Lakes region for nearly 38 years I have been intrigued by UFO sightings in the region. I had heard of a large triangular shaped object the flew silently over a field and heard of a supposed UFO landing to the east of Watkins Glen. I always wondered if UFO's were spotted in the region because a facility called the Seneca Army Depot was located on the east side of the lake towards the northern end. Despite the fact that the depot was one of the highest priority targets by the former Soviet Union on the east coast of the US, officials denied that nuclear weapons were stored at the site.

I hope this information is of assistance.

Thank you to the person for this information.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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