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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Date Unknown : 30 To 40 Miles Northeast Of Dulce, New Mexico

30 To 40 Miles Northeast Of Dulce, NM Object Caught On Film (Photos)

Hi, I have written to you before on our UFO sightings. My husband and I were taking a scenic drive up north of Chama about 15 miles just having fun and taking photos. We passed the New Mexico border by about 10 miles and I was taking photos with a camera loaned to me by my company. The camera is a new Canon Mark 3, 21 megapixel. I was taking alot of photos of the mountains and trees. I downloaded the photos onto my laptop late last night when I arrived home. I had the camera on 1600 speed with continuous shots and used a 2gig card. Photo 138 look at the upper and zoom in on the black dot in large cloud. You can seen 2 black objects. Photo 139 look at upper right and center to right lower middle. The lower is near the ridge of the mountain. It looks black and has a V shape. Photo 144. Zoom in on dot in upper left. I did not see any of these objects when I took the pictures. I was snapping the photos as my husband was driving. I had my window open. This area is about 30-40 northeast of Dulce, NM. Thanks.

Chama and train
The photo above has been reduced in size, click image for full size

Chama and train

Thank you to the folks for the report and for sending along the pictures.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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