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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Date Unknown : Marcy New York

Marcy New York Cigar Shaped UFO As Large As A Football Field

Date: N/A
Time: N/A

I too have seen a cigar shaped object in the sky over Marcy NY, this object was about 1/2 mile high in the sky and did not have any lights on it. It was the size of a football field and made not a noise. I thought I heard a humming, but if pushed for an answer, I would have to say it made no noise. I was traveling west as the sun was setting and I seen out my drivers side window, a large cigar shaped something that moved slowly to my right, north, towards I thought was the direction of Griffis Air base. Anyways as it passed over, I had to pull over to get out and see. I did notice that another vehicle also had stopped, it was headed in the opposite direction than me.

I want to say that it had a shadowy grey appearance to it. It's center edge stuck out a little, almost like looking at a submarine sandwich and it hovered over for no longer then a minute and in an instant it darted to the north, you could see it move out of sight at it's same elevation, but it moved and I mean moved. I never seen something that size move from a standstill to super speed in my life, I got in my truck and raced over to a friend in Whitesboro and told him what I had seen, he seemingly believed me. I had a feeling that I had better not make a big deal about this, what I had seen changed me a little in what I would believe, but I knew that when you harp on something people get spooked away from you.

I bring this story up now because the night of the shuttle launch, or the very next morning I had noticed a very bright light in the sky, almost like a star. It trailed from west to east and sped fast across the sky. I know it wasn't a jet and I am guessing it was not the shuttle, it may have been, but I am not sure. Well anyways that sighting brought back my cigar shaped sighting. I wish I could remember the year I saw it, I know it was at least 15 years or so, give or take another 5 years, this is the first time I am telling this to an outfit that tracts this research. I am 52 and its too late to accuse me of being a crack pot now. I have my time in at work and this info seems to be out there more often. I should say that before this sighting I was a believer in God and His Son, and still today I am still a believer. I always look up.

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Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show.

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