South New Market, Ohio


South New Market, Ohio Ball Of Light Hovers Over The Fields

Date: Various
Time: Various

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Only visible as a bright light, somewhat orange in spectrum.

Full Description of event/sighting: I have noticed this periodically. Not everyday. It hovers and moves at will, it is very close. I have tried to hear engines as I thought it was a helicopter but I cannot verify any sound. It hovers over fields by my house and has no aviation lights to determine its direction (I have studied aviation) although it can move however it likes and often sits still and appears to have a big bright light (on the front?). It is not a typical aviation spot light which leans towards the blue spectrum, but instead it has more of an orange tinge but not as orange as a HPS light. A bunch of slow low flying jets often pass over my property (I'm in the countryside with only 11 houses on my road) one night a rather large plane (military?) flew over my property and shone a bright spotlight in my face as it passed. There were two powerful spotlights one pointing to the left and one pointing to the right towards the ground. This craft was low and slow I only mention it for reference although I do not know the purpose of this flight pattern or behavior. I believe the military is conducting special flights (training) over my area in the night. No strange behavior is witnessed during the day accept fighter training (very loud) which is at a much higher altitude than the activity I have witnessed at night.

I'm very curious as to what this "ball of light" is, and I'm close to conducting my own reconnaissance mission to ascertain what it is. One night (10:00pm) I was coming home from work and saw the "ball of light" in the fields south of my house where my road happens to run. I decided to make it obvious to the craft that I was curious and I stopped my vehicle in the road and shut off my lights and watched to see what would happen. The craft became aware of my actions and started exhibiting its own "curious behavior". I started driving again until I was parallel with craft and I stopped my vehicle and rolled down my windows and shut off my engine to try to hear any type of noise from it but could not. The craft started to move away and we started to race each other it started to move faster and so I increased speed and it would slow so then would I. Whenever it knows I'm watching it, it eventually leaves in a NNE direction away from my location.

In my opinion it hovers too low and its operation at night removes the idea that it is helicopter training. Besides it does not have the required aviation lights (no flashing or colored) and any helicopter I have ever seen this close emits the tell tale noise of the amount of power needed to sustain lateral flight by conventional means.

Most of its operation is close to the tree tops which I assume is to avoid radar detection. I have also seen several personal craft during the day flying illegally (below 500ft).

You may contact me for further clarifications as I'm sure I have left out something.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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