San Andreas, Sonora & Murphys, California

Various Dates 1989-2001

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: San Andreas California USA, Sonora California USA, Murphys California USA

Date: 06/07/89? 01/22/98 01/25/98 06/18/98 11/20/98 06/10/01

Approach Direction: During 1989, it was the first time I ever seen a UFO. It happened over the football field of my brothers graduation. The aircraft came in from the west part of the field. The news that night covered up the "flying objects" by saying it was a weather balloon. Strange, I never seen a weather balloon in a V shape before.

The other occurances which had happened in 1998 were when I had moved back from Oregon. I had earlier been hanging out with a teenager named Nick Stephens and a close friend named Mike Whorton who had "supposedly" been abducted. The object (strange being) approached me in my grandparents home, through the window on the north west side. I was in some sort of dream phase but don't recall falling asleep.

In the year of 2001 I was approached again in that same dream phase, weeks before I found out that I was pregnant. The being came in once again through the window of my apartment on the west side.

Departure Direction: The departure of the UFO in 1989 was from the west after hoovering for a few good long minutes.

In 1998, the beings left through the window and goes the same for the 2001 incident.

Witness Direction: In 1989, I gawked right at the aircraft. Just stared at it in amazement.

In 1998, I was trying to look at the beings but somehow couldn't get full eye contact of them. I was turned to the left. Same as the 2001 incident.

Description: In 1989, that aircraft was silver V shape form, few lights that I can remember. It just hoovered there over the football field as though scanning the crowd. Then left in a flash.

In 1998, I was in dream phase of some sort. I don't recall falling asleep at all. It was in the middle of the day. I can remember their hands touching me and as soon as my mother yelled something from the kitchen, I felt really groggy. She wanted to tell me that she seen something like a star in the day sky. With the rest of the 1998 encounters I can remember awaking to grogginess. I felt scared.

In 2001, I can remember being in a dream phase as well. Differant from the other encounters though. I actually had bruises when they left. I had shown my friends the bruises after they had told me that some sort of "thing" flew over the apartments in broad daylight, went upward and hoovered for an hour.

I'm scared by even telling these encounters. I have a daughter now. I haven't seen anything encounters since she has been born. It is a blessed miracle I even got pregnant. I don't want to jinx my good fortune, but I need to know the truth....

Color/Shape: The beings were whitish gray, thin, big eyes, long (real long) fingers

Height & Speed: The aircraft in 1989 was quick and when it hoovered, it was very still... My grandmother was able to take pictures of it as well as other people at the graduation.

Now for the beings, I recall them being slow. Even when they made bruises on my inner thighs and backs of my legs they were slow.

TV/Radio/Press: The 1989 one was reported on TV and radio and in the newspaper. The 2001 was reported on local radio only...


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