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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Various Dates : Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas

UFOs over Kansas

A Skywatch Open Mailing List posting

by John Colaw (Scarecrow)

I recently received these UFO reports from a Kansas resident who expressed concern over the frequency of enigmatic sightings she has experienced in the Hutchinson area. I have permission from this witness to publish her reports, and encourage anyone else reading this information who also might have similar experiences to please come forward and report your information so that others can see that they are not alone it witnessing strange or unexplained objects in the sky.

Permission granted to distribute this report in its entirety as long as credit is given to Skywatch-International, Inc.

Best wishes,
John Colaw

Kansas Director
Executive Director Membership
Skywatch-International, Inc.

[Report Received 3/21/02 - Unedited]

Dear sir,

I am currently residing outside the Reno county area, and have been for a few years, the only sightings I have had, are in the Reno county area, and many of them in Hutchinson.

I cant even get into all the sightings I have had, as well as many friends, and family of mine. I have lived several different places in Hutchinson, currently, I am living outside of Reno Country. Some have been simply small lights that didn't behave like stars, or planets. I would often see a light, in the same position most of the time, over a house i lived in when i was a teen, that flashed red, than white, than blue. On one occasion me and others watched the same type of object move in a zig zag patter... a Z than retrace its movements, back to the original position.

On one occasion , around xmas time, I saw a light in the sky, in about the same spot, sort of strobing, alternating colors, they were pastel, xmas light colors, pink, blue, green, yellow... have witness to this sighting also. almost as if it was mimicking the lights, below. I only have had 2 sightings in the daylight hours, one was when I was in 4th grade, over graber school, I witnessed it with another person, a cigar/at the time, i thought it looked like a bullet, or a missile, grey or silver, hanging in the sky. We ran inside to tell someone, than it disappeared, no one believed us. that was about 1985 or 86.

The day I lost time, my boyfriend and I were sitting on the front porch, and we both saw, out of the corner of our eyes, a large orange comet like thing, flash across the sky. Didn't see it dead on. But that night, we both lost about an hour. On another occasion, traveling parallel to the airport runway, in Hutchinson, myself, and 2 other witnesses, watched what we thought was a jet, or something, descend as usual, it stopped short, still quite a ways from the ground, still too far to actually see a object shape.. just the lights of it. It was a white flashing light, like a plane, or jet. It stopped and hovered for a few seconds, than dropped straight down to the earth. when it hit the runway... we watched a line of 4 or 5 very large white lights flash across the runway, than disappeared completely It was just gone.

I've also seen triangle light formation, the 3 lights, the only one I have actually seen other sightings of. But only once have i seen it.. i do believe my friend was with me.

Outside of Hutchinson, far out north on Halstead street, I was feeding my dog one night, after dark, and looked up to see a very bright amber cigarshaped cometlike object, move very fast towards a nearby radio tower light, upon reaching it, it disappeared.

Most recently, I have seen on several different occasions, and object, in the same spot, directly above the horizon, to the west of me. circular shaped, greyobject. but very much NOT a cloud, or planet.dull in color. My husband and I have watched it on several occasions, with several aircraft flying around and very close to it. You cant really see it until you get out on the highway.

The most dramatic sighting wasn't mine, I'm not sure if they would want me to report it, but i have to say, it is a couple of close family members, who saw it. They were driving, in 1975, or 74, near the area of town where the grain elevators are. One of them says she noticed a amber light before the experience, overhead, that looked suspicious. they say this thing was just suddenly there. it didn't fall out of the sky, didn't land.. didn't fade into view.. was just there. (call me crazy, but my television is doing strange things, as I am typing this)They say it was about the size of a small house, the surface resembled a metal frosted ice tray, with a large, oval window in the front, full view of the inside. noone in there, but electronics they say. One of them got out of the car, to get a very close look. The others remained in shock in the car. One says it never happened. The other two have different accounts, and total different accounts of the time, when they got back to the house. They looked at it for a long time, it didn't do anything, and just faded away. One witness says it was about 2 or 3 hours later than it should have been when they got back to the house, one says it was not. The other says, it never happened. They say, as they drove home, they saw that amber light following way up in the sky again.

There is something going on in Hutchinson KS, I have never read any other reports of this, but it cant just be us seeing it. We don't have to look for it, or watch the skies, we cant help but see it.

I would sure like to find more accounts like mine, so i know we aren't alone.

A former Reno county resident

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