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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1995/1999 : Purdon, Texas / Spring/Summer 2004 : Purdon, Texas / Fall 2005 : Durant, Oklahoma / Late May 2009 : Corsicana, Texas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Corsicana, TX; Purdon, TX; Durant, OK

Date: 00 00 1995

Time: Spring for the first group of sighting, early summer or spring for the next, fall for the next, and May or June 2009 for the last one

Number of witnesses: 1;1;3;1

Number of objects: 1 for each except the Durant sighting; two for it

Shape of objects: Circular for the sphere sightings, lights in a row for the Spring 2004 sighting

Weather Conditions: Always clear or partly cloudy skies, all except the lights in a row were in the day time; the lights were seen between 9 and 10 pm.

Description: I live in Corsicana, TX. When I was a child, I lived just outside of town in a place called Purdon. In the morning while waiting for the bus off and on between the time I was 11 or so until I was about 14 or 15, I saw silver metallic spheres hovering or moving slowly in the sky. This was between 1995 and about 1999. In the same time frame at all hours of the day and night I (and several other people in our area) saw black military helicopters flying very low over the area.

In spring or early summer of 2004, I was driving home from work on a farm road with trees on either side late at night. I saw what appeared to be an airplane with the usual three lights, red, green, and white, on the side. The plane was tilted at about a 60 degree angle. I didn't think much of it, assuming the pilot was going to land at the local airport. The plane was still going pretty fast and didn't slow down, though. It was going across the road from west to east and coming down sharply. Then I thought, "Oh no, he's crashing!" as he neared the treeline without slowing down. I also realized he was still too far from the airport to be landing. I thought maybe the pilot was drunk or something. Then, right before it got to the treeline, it stopped, just stopped, in mid-air. I know it didn't just turn around from a distance, because the lights never rotated or even moved. Then it leveled out, flew back across the road, again with the lights never changing position, flew over the road again, and then shot up into the sky. Throughout this maybe 30 seconds, a minute, had passed. I had slammed on my brakes when I thought it was going to crash and jumped out of my car, so I had a better idea of where it would go down and I could call for help.

I moved to Durant, OK in 2004. Around Fall 2005, I was working at a loan company on the north side of town. My husband was working in his automotive repair shop on the south side of town. One day he called me and told me and my boss to go outside and look up. We went outside and saw two silver-colored spheres flying through the sky, very slowly, just like the ones I saw in Durant. They shot up into the sky and disappeared.

The last one I saw just a few weeks ago. My husband and I were driving down HWY 31, the main street through Corsicana, to get our car inspected. We passed the HEB, a grocery story, and as we were passing the lot, I looked up through the window and saw one of the silver spheres hovering above the building. I tried to point it out to my husband and as he looked up, the sphere had disappeared behind the trees we were now passing. I told him to wait until we cleared the trees, less than a couple seconds later, but when we cleared them, the sphere was gone.