20km West of CARACAS

June 21st 2003

SOURCE: WWW.OVNI.NET (Lucy Guzmán and Orlando Pla)
DATE: 06/28/03


At 6pm on June 21st, 2003, hundreds of Venezuelans were treated to the sight of a strange lenticular cloud which appeared to conceal a ring-shaped object within its folds. This sighting took place some 20 km west of Caracas. The auther of the enigmatic photographs seen on this page wishes to remain anonymous. A preliminary analysis of the photographs shows no evidence of trickery and the "cloud-ring" can clearly be seen as lying below the cloud cover. It is still necessary to obtain an meterorologist's expert opinion. The witness stated that the cloud rotated slowly and that the "cloud-ring" was seen in the sky for three days prior to being photographed. The report, along with 5 photographs, which was presented to OVNI.NET has been referred to Venezuela's CEINPLA to research the events on site.

This sighting is similar to the one which occurred in 1957 over Fort Belvoir, Virginia USA. At that time a soldier photographed a ring floating over the base and managed to take a few snapshots of the ring object converting into a lenticular cloud, thus disguising its presence. See:


Another report was received from Mexico's CAFE organization which confirms the report received from the anonymous photographer. On June 20th, one day earlier, a young woman witnessed a black ring suspended in the air which became larger and vanished into the clouds, which darkened in turn. This episode occurred in the skies over Caracas at 6:45 p.m.

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales IHU
Special thanks to Lucy Guzman and Guillermo Gimenez

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