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UFO Sighting Report - Venezuela

April 9th 2008 : La Zorra, Estado Vargas

Venezuela: Alleged Chance UFO Photographed Over Beach
by Hector Escalante - OVNIVENEZUELA

Caracas, Venezuela June 16 2008. On April 9, 2008, a sergeant of the Venezuelan Armed Forces (name on file) photographed a group of children who were in the vicinity of the Caney del Chivo restaurant in the locality of La Zorra, Estado Vargas, capturing a fortuitous image of what appears to be an unidentified flying object.

The image, taken with a 4 mpix HP digital camera in near La Zorra Beach on the Caribbean Sea, shows the object's body with great clarity. However, it is possible to see two luminous sources of bluish-white light bordering an indenfinite, possibly circular surface, and a grey wake that appears to issue from the rear of the object.

According to Kirvic Lopez, who spoke with the author of the photo, nothing out of the ordinary was seen when the image was taken. "He told me there was nothing to be seen when he took the foto, but when he downloaded the images to the computer, he became aware of the "machine" that appeared there," he explained.

Lopez, who is also interested in UFO research, believes the author of the photo to be a serious and honest person, and even skeptical. This leads him to dismiss the possibility of a hoax or technique to garner public attention, since he is not even interested in having his identity, or that of the photographed children, made public.

"To me, this gentleman has nothing to do with the subject. It's foreign to him and he doesn't even believe that otherworldly beings exist. Therfore, I don't think it's a hoax or anything like it."

Seeking a more tangible response, without detriment to the anedctotal value of the author of the curious image and the statement suggested by Kirvic Lopez, the cooperation of several researchers was requested for an in-depth analysis of the contents of the material in question. An image analysis performed by Thony Huerta of the DALETH group directed by Mexico's Ing. Leopoldo (Polo) Lazcano found traces of texture, shadow and lighting on the object in question, ratifying that the object did not experience any manipulation whatsoever.

Huerta also dismissed the possibility that an airplane or known aerial craft could be involved due to the size of the object, in comparsion with its lights, and its shape, which appears to be circular or ovoid.

[UFOINFO Note: This report was also received direct from Ovni Venezuela in the Spanish language. It included a link to the original article with mote photos. See:]

(Translation (c) 2008, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).

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