Jacques Hebert

ISBN 1-59209-039-7



As a former police chief, Jacques Hebert enjoys a good mystery. That’s why he chose to take up archaeology as an avocation. These pursuits led him to look for a solution to the age-old mystery of Atlantis.

In Atlantis Rediscovered, Hébert reveals the results of his rigorous research and training as a detective. The author’s work relied heavily on analyzing Plato’s dialogues, which are among the earliest record of the famous “lost continent.” He shows how he discovered a misinterpretation of Plato’s work that confused the identification of the continent’s location. He goes on to show why a different reading places Atlantis in an unexpected setting. Compared to previous theories, his is the first that is in complete harmony with the writings of Plato, up to and including descriptions of the vegetation.

As a result of Hebert’s painstaking analysis, the myth is demystified. The author’s victory is palpable as the reader follows his discoveries step by step in a book which reads like a novel. With the results validated scientifically, his work is likely to call into question some fundamental historical concepts.

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Atlantis Rediscovered

Jacques Hebert

ISBN 1-59209-039-7

Trade Paperback Original, 6 x 9, $15.95

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