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The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon


Scott and Suzanne Ramsey

The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon

Contributors: Dr. Frank Thayer and Frank Warren
Forward by: Stanton T. Friedman, MSc.
ISBN: 978-0-9850046-0-6
Library of Congress Number: 2012903946
Release Date: April 16, 2012
Pages: 212

1st Print is 1,000 copies. Available for a limited time.

Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, authors, were brought together by the Aztec Incident. Scott started his quest in the 1980's, initially believing he would be able to prove it either fact or fiction within six months. Almost 25 years later, the couple presents to the public their findings about the 1948 disc recovery. Since their marriage, the Ramsey's have traveled to 26 states, gathering documentation, interviewing witnesses and searching archives for secrets relating to Aztec. Scott's 30 years in the electrical magnetic industry and Suzanne's background in media have led them to explore areas previously uncovered, including 55,000 plus related documents. The entire focus of their research has been a dedication to documenting history using facts. What they prove in this book changes history.

The "Aztec Incident" has been the subject of TV documentaries in Germany, Japan, the United States (History Channel), Canada, and a full-length feature documentary by International Journalist Jamie Maussan.

"A must read, this book 'blows the lid off' America's greatest purported hoax. Scott and Suzanne Ramsey's well-documented research and meticulous investigation, demolishes assumptions, convincingly re-assembles 60 years of fact from fiction, and reveals an actual event, the Aztec, New Mexico crash of 1948, shrouded in government claims, false litigation and countless cover-ups."
~ Kathleen Marden, researcher and lecturer. Author of the books "Captured!" and "Science is Wrong".

"The Aztec Incident is an important and often controversial chapter in New Mexico history. Scott and Suzanne's well written and documented book brings new life and historical prospective to this historic event."
~ Dale W. Anderson, President, Aztec Museum Association, Aztec, New Mexico.