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Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy by Miriam Delicado


TITLE: Blue Star (Fulfilling Prophecy)
AUTHOR: Miriam Delicado
PUBLISHER: Trafford Publishing.
PRICE: £9:89, $19:13.
ISBN: 142513207-3.

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Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy

There are thousands of books from all corners of the Globe which deal either with UFO Sightings or the people that see them, whether that's close up or having the misfortune to be abducted. Those who know this subject, know how very wide and varied it can be. There is an absolute multitude of hypothesis's as to what is going on, each author of each hypothesis thinks that their conclusion or idea is the right one, there may be of course a bit of overlap and a bit of give and take on certain elements, but in the main, each author has dealt with their own witnesses and tried to find out what's going on in what is a very controversial area.

There are probably as many authors as there are UFOs these days each who want you to buy their book. Some are doing it for the sincere belief that what they have experienced demands to be heard and there is nothing the matter with that, but there are some authors who effectively will make claims in the extreme and deserve to be exposed. Every time I read a book containing claims that the author has met aliens I'm hoping that whilst reading the book I can see the sincerity and feel the truth coming through, and I'm pleased to say, I certainly felt it with this book. This book didn't just start it 'exploded' and generally when I am reviewing a book I will mark for points of reference every page in ten, however, with this book I was marking paragraphs and sentences on nearly every page to come back to and I can't say that I have 'ever' done that with any book that I have reviewed in my life and boy they've been a few.

So what makes this book stand out from the rest, surely this is just another person making claims that they've met and interacted with aliens! Yes well that is true, however what is significantly different in this book, (certainly for me), is the author's own heartfelt feelings on her own personal experiences that absolutely come racing out of he pages of this book and floods through the reader's mind. It's gripping stuff, maybe not something that is all so different from other such claims (to a degree!) however there are some marked differences in this author's claims more so to the fact that she is not talking about meeting the all too often 'grey's, but of the 'aliens' (if we can call them that) who were more prevalent in the 1950's and 60's and I refer to the tall beautiful golden haired blue eyed Nordics, (students of UFOlogy should well remember them)

OK so shall we begin and see what this book has in store for the connoisseur of their UFOlogical learning's? I think we should.
Miriam was just your normal woman living with her parents in a small town in British Columbia. Born in 1966, Miriam soon grew up knowing that she was different, it was a feeling that was very strong and it was a feeling that soon proved correct as a host of weird and peculiar things started to happen to her as she continued her journey throughout her life. As a child, her sisters and her had very little in the way of toys and amused themselves playing for endless hours in the nearby fields close to her home this was all sweet and innocent until she found that she could read people's thoughts. She just needed to stare at someone and more often than not, their thoughts would come racing into her mind. This was no idle nonsense, Miriam's friend's confirmed her utterances on more than one occasion which brought laughter but sometimes frowns as the information was later proved correct. When Miriam was young, her father played a very important role in her life, they used to go for long walks where he would tell her about the wonders of the universe, it seemed to her young mind, that although he was imparting incredible information, most of which her young mind couldn't assimilate, she felt that he was still holding back, that there was something else that he wasn't quite telling her, which, as the years rolled by, proved more than true.

Not only was Miriam's father highly knowledgeable about stars and planets and the wonders of the universe, he was very psychic, and proved his ability to Miriam and her sisters on many occasions, he kept telling her that she was 'special' and gifted but didn't elaborate any more than he had to. In 1976 the family moved house and soon after they had settled into their new home they soon realised that they were sharing it with something else, something 'unseen', this presence was felt very strongly by Miriam and, dare I say, by anyone who stayed over in the household as they were kept awake by banging and dragging sounds. It was during this time that (as Miriam puts it) her psychic ability began to awake and manifest. Soon Miriam's psychic ability would expand and prove somewhat astonishing to all her friends.

The book goes on to inform the reader about many paranormal events in young Miriam's life and also of the time when she held a girlfriend's hands (whose hands were covered in unsightly warts) and within a few seconds her female friend said that she could feel her hands 'tingling' a few weeks later her friend showed Miriam her hands and all the warts were gone, coincidence? or a healing ability ?

Sadly like a number of teenagers these days, Miriam took to drink and drugs and lost the way (shall we say) for a number of years and descended into a life which wasn't pleasurable by any means, however, even although her life was more or less at rock bottom, her psychic gifts were even more stronger and she states in her book that her 'gift' was as common as 'breathing' In 1980 after a family argument, Miriam went out for a walk and during that walk there was a sudden realisation that she was put on this planet to help people, but she didn't understand why, all this however, would soon become clear as she made her way throughout her life. It was also at this point that she left the family home to try and make a go of it herself.

The main event or catalyst should I say, that changed forever the life of young Miriam Delicado, was when she was 22 years of age (1988) It was a night when her whole perception of life and who she was changed forever, it was the beginning of a journey which has taken her to write this book, get the message of the 'aliens' over and try to make mankind understand that we truly are 'not alone' in the vastness of the cosmos.

Initially the events started with a strange dreamlike encounter of going through a tunnel and meeting some strange people as she slept on a coach at a friend's house, I won't go into the details of this encounter too much here, however some weeks later on a car journey to Vancouver with friends as she lay dozing in the back seat, she was again catapulted back into that tunnel where a voice boomed out saying that "We are your friends, we are your family, we are coming for you". To say that she was shocked would be an understatement. A short while later into the journey, Miriam and her friend saw lights behind their car, but initially didn't think too much of them thinking that perhaps it was another car following behind them. For the next couple of hours or so, these lights would keep pace with the car, then disappear for a while then come back close again. Needless to say it 'wasn't' another car. Fairly soon Miriam was catapulted into the Twilight Zone. She claims the car was stopped on the road and six small childlike' aliens' came towards the car, taking her from the car and into a UFO that was sitting on the road. These small creatures Miriam relates, did NOT have the large slanted eyes that other witnesses claim to see on these creatures, rather what she saw, was big ROUND eyes. !

She was taken on board this object, whilst all the time hearing in her head, that she would not be harmed. It was also on board this object that she saw tall beings with beautiful blue eyes and long blond hair. As I say, this was the catalyst and turning event in her life, which set her out on a journey to tell 'US' why these 'aliens' are here, what they want, and what's going to happen to mankind in the very near future. Of course you the reader reading this review want to know all this don't you! Well the point of this review is to whet your appetite enough to buy this book and for you to find out for yourselves what this 'message' is so I won't go into all the aspects that Miriam covers in this book, suffice it to say, I will continue to inform you of how her life shaped up 'after' this close encounter.

The months following this event, Miriam continued to have psychic messages coming to her from the 'aliens' that she had met on this craft, they were more or less preparing her for something but at this time she didn't quite know what. Her psychic powers grew and grew and she relates to the reader in her book a number of her early childhood memories of a percent of them actually relate to her meeting the tall blond aliens earlier in her life pre 1988 when the big event happened. It would seem (as it would seem with others) that these 'guys' had always been with her. There were of course distressing recall, for instance when one of the aliens said to her that they had to change her blood, now that would be enough to scare anybody, certainly me!

It's at this point of the book that we learn so much more of what the alien agenda is, and Miriam relates a heck of a lot of stuff which is both surprising and thought provoking (buy the book and see what I mean). What I will say is she talks about orb like probes that go round the world gathering information; she talks about aliens and military people in the same room (MILABS!!) Miriam would recall that when she was younger, she would wake up with strange nose bleeds and markings on her body that previously were not there.
In 1989 Miriam found herself in the company of a lady called Karen, meeting Karen was to prove yet another turning point in Miriam's life (again read the book to see why, I'm not re-writing it here) The book goes on to bring to the reader other fascinating tales of Miriam's dealings with people who clearly were 'aliens' but trying to pass themselves off as human beings, but they looked so ridiculously out of place that she was astonished that nobody else could see this. Miriam does say, that there is a fair percent of aliens who 'walk amoungst us, unnoticed as aliens as they look so human, but others haven't a clue how to dress (so where's the intelligence on this?) She also discusses her dealings with MIB's (Men In Black) and that in itself makes for interesting reading.

Some years after wanting to inform the world and their granny about her contact with 'beings from other worlds' she suddenly felt that enough was enough, she had reached a wall where it just wasn't that important anymore. From attending UFO Conferences she stepped aside and gave them a miss. And even when she did attend UFO Conferences it wasn't to hear the speakers, she was more interested in talking to the people that actually went to these gatherings for she found that the people who attended UFO Conferences were far more interesting than the actual speakers themselves (she may have a point there !)

A full twelve years later (1991) it suddenly all came back. She woke up one morning and knew that she had work to do, and a heck of a lot of it to boot. That was it, the desire, the enthusiasm and drive was back in abundance to kick start another series of events which again would shape her life. Part two of her journey was just about to begin.

The 'aliens' as she calls them had a plan for her, she knew through information given to her in the past that there was a certain area on the planet which was so important and was somewhere where she just had to visit to fit some final pieces of the jigsaw together for it all to make sense. That place was The Four Corners Area in Arizona USA.

Miriam arranged for a friend of hers to share the car journey to the Four Corners area as it was quite a drive, she didn't say too much to her friend for fear of putting her off. Prior to going on the trip Miriam had read up on the Hopi Indian tribe and was staggered to learn some amazing revelations more so to do with what was called the Blue Star Prophecy, this tells of a nine pointed star which will appear in the sky just before the end times. The more she learned about the Four Corners Area from a combination of her own research and the messages from her alien friends, she realised that this area was the 'safe lands' this area will be protected when the world comes to an end.

The book then goes into Miriam's journey to the Four Corners and with every page there is revelation after revelation some amazing stuff is found in these pages not just to the fact about how very significant the Four Corners area is concerning the end of the world, but mostly to do with how Miriam herself fits in to all this. That she herself is a very significant piece of the puzzle to the descendants of the Hopi people. That her visit to these lands was forecast in times gone by. We learn that the ancient Hopi Indian people were actually taken to Earth from a dying planet by the aliens (yes sounds far fetched I know and smacks of something out of a comic book) But don't forget dear reader, that fact is often stranger than fiction and that what seems farcical and crazy may not necessarily be so.

Miriam does visit the place that would seem was her destiny from when she was born; she eloquently describes the vastness of the desert plains and the beauty it holds in the sparseness of the area. And when she stops off to get some groceries from a small store she shouldn't be surprised to see an incredibly beautiful tall blonde Nordic alien waiting for her. During her travels she frequently see's what she describes as orbs, not the ghostly orbs as we Brits know them, but small spherical alien space craft probes, these are seen by her (and others) periodically during her time at and around the Four Corners Area.

So am I about to reveal the main purpose and story behind this book? Well I could do but its best served by you the reader by ordering a copy of this book for yourself. There are no small grey beings to be had here; just tall blonde blue eyed Nordic type aliens. Of Course we may ask ourselves why oh why have others not reported these tall blonde beings of late. Well maybe they have but they have somehow not surfaced back into the main stream UFOlogy. Admittedly some might find this book awash with the proverbial peace and love that UFOlogists have come to know from our space friends, but don't forget, this currently is not always the case, for the student of UFOlogy knows far too well about how bloody serious the UFO abduction phenomenon is, how terrifying it is to those it occurs to when they are poked and prodded and not given the chance (it most cases) to voice their free will. This book is different, it tells how there are other aliens who have our best interests at heart that the world is changing that we have to have respect for mother Earth, we are raping this planet in deforestation and climate change will always be a concern. There WILL be end times, of that Miriam was shown and told in no uncertain terms. The world is on the verge of great change.

Miriam was told that we, human kind, are the sole result of alien intervention and experimentation in the past. We are 'their' children, we are 'their' creations, they, not God, not evolution made us. There are families and individuals throughout the Earth who are important to the 'aliens', these families (and individuals) have been monitored since they were children.

Later in the book when Miriam goes back to her home town, she meets up with her father and this time Miriam opens up to him more about her dealings with the aliens, it is during this meeting that Miriam was blown away by her father's revelations. It would appear that he too has known about the aliens since he was a small boy, that he has been taken and that their family had 'special genes' and that they were 'bred' not born. Amazing stuff! You bet. However, her father also tells her to steer well clear of the aliens and not to get involved with them as it will destroy her life!!

Miriam in her book states quite matter of factly that she is a hybrid of the tall blonde aliens and that the aliens have altered her DNA 'after' she was born.

This book as I've said earlier is a terrific read, I guess more to the seasoned UFOlogist more than Joe Public, simply because this book may seem too far fetched to some members of the general public, which is a shame. For instance there is a lady who Miriam meets at a psychic fair, both women know immediately that they have know each other before, they get in conversation and the lady states to Miriam that she somehow see's a picture of 'aliens' changing Miriam's blood. To Joe Bloggs in the street that will sound pretty hard to believe, but like I've said before, just because something sounds and looks ridiculous doesn't mean to say that it is so.

The book ends with who what and why. Who the aliens are, what they are here for and why. Make no bones about it, this is serious folks. Miriam states that only the strong willed will survive the end times, that the only safe place in America will be the Four Corners area in the Arizona desert, (there are other safe lands on each continent of this planet though sadly she doesn't mention where these other ones are) Only those of pure heart will survive the end times. Again it does sound sugary and over the top. But don't be misled, this review does NOT do this valuable book any justice whatsoever, only YOU and YOU alone, can decide when you read this book if what you read is true. Your heart will direct you to the truth, not your head.

The messages (and I've not even scratched the surface here) are many in this book. We are told that there are aliens walking amoungst us, aliens that are living in underground bases and aliens that are living in other dimensions. They are here, and have our best interests at heart. So is there anything in this book that we haven't all heard before I hear you ask? For me yes there is. There is something in the words, something that hits you smack in the face when you read this book that you know that what you are reading is the truth.

An interesting and wonderful book then of 'people' from other worlds who have looked over us since our inception and would appear will do so at the end of our time. As Miriam says in her closing statement;

"Watch the skies for the Blue Star to appear"

Reviewed by Malcolm Robinson, SPI (England)

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