A Program In World Rehabilitation*

Ernest P. Moyer


The conclusions of this book have profound
religious and philosophical implications.


A review of the work of Jacobs, Hopkins, Mack and others. When rescued from fear the "Little Gray Men" are found to be extremely intelligent androids, with powers beyond human ken.

The purpose is screening and selection of human genetic stocks to build a more intelligent and devout world race. The activity is to correct the genetic errors from our ancient world past and the default of Adam and Eve.

The notion of "aliens" is false, and derives from hypnotic confabulation. Our Visitors are NOT producing a hybrid race with themselves. They cannot, since they are machines and not biological beings (EBEs).

Detailed discussion of breeding programs and methods, with historic validation through Antonio Villas-Boas and evidence from Cherokee Indian myths. Examination of messages from the Abductees, with nuclear holocaust clearly foretold. As stated to "Michael" at Buff Ledge, "We are here to clean up the earth."


Adamski, Fry, Bethurum and others had actual experiences but buried in a context to make them look like fools. Purpose was to provide a base for understanding after time had sufficiently matured, without preempting or conditioning the work of the abduction investigators.

Historic validation through Jonathan Swift, editor of the Tory Government Newspaper under Queen Anne, Dean of St. Patrick's cathedral in Dublin, and author of Gulliver's Travels. He described a perfect Flying Saucer, and predicted the two moons of Mars 150 years before Asaph Hall discovered them in 1877. He and the other Contactees provided details of the operators and their craft, including display panels, controls, propulsion systems, and many other items to verify the Abductee reports.


Four chapters are devoted to the study of seraphic (space) transports. They are angelic beings that provide transport beyond the limitations of Einsteinian physics. They jump space and time.

Biological beings must be "dematerialized" for seraphic transport. Evidence is provided by Betty Andreasson, a Cherokee Indian brave, and Abductees under examination by David Jacobs. Historical validation of visits with our Creator on a distance architectural sphere provided by Isaiah, the Hebrew prophet, the writer of the ancient Book of Enoch, Hatcinondon, a Seneca Indian Chief, and Betty Andreasson. Discussion of the Sea of Glass, mentioned by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation, an immense crystal landing field on the architectural worlds, described by Betty Andreasson, the writer of the ancient Book of Enoch, and David Morningstar. A discussion of the rescue of "144,000" from this planet as part of the biological improvement program.

Includes presentation by C. S. Lewis on "aliens" and a group of people known as the Cosmic Reserve Corps of Destiny. Chosen individuals will offer revelation to their fellow men under conditions of extreme world crisis. Some Abductees are part of that program.


Appendices on US Government interference, crop circles, and animal mutilations. 580 pages divided into Three Parts, with Appendices, Index and photographs

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