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Circle's End by Delwyn McPhun

Circle's End: a novel about crop circles

Even before he sees his first crop circle, Matt, a down to earth student at Bristol, is passionately interested in symbols. Who creates these giant drawings in the fields? What messages do they hide? Matt decodes their symbols for the Unit, a military research group led by the enigmatic Ember, an efficient and determined woman with some strange spiritual beliefs. When the 'agroglyphes' become too vast and complex to be the work of humans, the press take interest. The Unit is convinced that extraterrestrials are responsible and mount guard on certain fields but Matt remains sceptical...

Circle's End is a passionate mystery set in the world of symbols and crop circles. It is the conflict between material and spiritual, scepticism and faith, as embodied by the main protagonists. Each must free themselves of the illusions that make life and death supportable. Only then can they understand what is making the circles and decipher their desperate message.

"Without giving anything away, the book does not try to reveal what is really making crop circles. Rather it explores a wide variety of theories and the reasons each character has for believing them. The first half of the story would seem to confirm the views of crop circle sceptics, but everything changes thereafter. I do hope that the final discovery at the end holds true... perhaps we will find out in 2012! Anyway, it's a lovely story with wonderful real life characters and a surprising spiritual side." Eleanor Woods

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