Hal McKenzie

ISBN: 1930916434

Hal McKenzie’s book The Cosmic Denial and How to End It is the first to propose a plan of action regarding the UFO phenomenon. One of the few journalists in America to have covered the UFO scene professionally, McKenzie asserts that there is more than enough factual evidence in published accounts to prove alien contact beyond doubt, but government secrecy, abetted by the public’s psychological denial and apathy, prevent a clear understanding of the phenomenon as well as policy decisions that could benefit mankind. "The problem is not the absence of proof, but the presence of denial," he states.

McKenzie proposes a program to end the denial. He critically analyzes all three branches of government, the news media and the UFO community itself and suggests positive actions for each one. His analysis includes the origins of the "bodyguard of lies" that controls information about extraterrestrials, as well as the historical breach between religion and science that contributes to modern-day confusion over the issue. In the final chapter, he suggests how science, by focusing on the realities behind religion, could create a "Theology of Everything" that would create a global consensus about basic issues of right and wrong and man’s place in the universe.

The ingredients for the fabled New Age expected by religious believers are already here, McKenzie writes, but it "will not come about by itself, but only through the determined efforts of enlightened individuals." McKenzie’s book provides both a program for action and a philosophical framework for that transition to take place.

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