The Cosmic Frontier

Mauro Porto

ISBN 8590323617

The story of the rise of the extra-constitutional power structures that is threatening to disintegrate the 200 years old American "democratic experiment".

A convincing demonstration of the manner how the acquisition of near absolute military-industrial hegemony by the USA during the second half of the 20th century is intimately related to the accidental contact the American Army had with extraterrestrials, near Roswell AFB, New Mexico, in 1947.


In his sweeping research Mauro F. P. Porto draws from hundreds of pages of official documents and stunning images (wholly reproduced in the accompanying CD) to present a credible account of the origin of a truly "subterranean" defense establishment, developed throughout the last 50 years in the USA, destined to keep as far as possible under control the social, economic and, mainly, the military-political consequences of the indisputable proof, obtained by the US government, that extraterrestrial beings of humanoid appearance have been present for untold times on planet Earth.

Author's Biography

Mauro F. P. Porto is a retired telecom engineer who pioneered the implantation of modern telecommunication networks in the Brazilian Amazon area during the 1960 decade.

His own personal experience and the many cases of anomalous objects that have been seen over-flying the Amazon area and the rest of Brazil, prompted him to embark in an all embracing research to find the reasons why these sightings remained unexplained in spite of the great mass of facts accumulated about them during the last 50 years and, more puzzling than that, how could they have been considered irrelevant by governmental panels that concluded that these phenomena didnít constitute "a threat to national security" -- despite strong opinions on the contrary stated by respected members of the panels themselves.

Only at the final years of the 1990 decade the last pieces of this complicated puzzle came sufficiently into place to allow the striking conclusions presented in "The Cosmic Frontier".

Mauro F. P. Porto is presently working on the short and long term political consequences of the cover-up situation to the USA and to the transnational globalization agenda of the UN and European Union politicians.

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Mauro Porto is also the author of The "Cosmic Frontier" Essays which cover in graphic detail cattle and human mutilations. Those wishing to read the essays can do so at the following link but should be warned that the images are shocking and discretion should be used: